Warzone 2's Favourite Supply Boxes are broken & 'disappointing' players

Warzone 2's Favourite Supply Boxes are broken & 'disappointing' players
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Alex Garton


19th Sep 2023 14:10

With Warzone 2's Season 4 update back in June, the developers added the Favourite Supply Box to the game.

Formerly known as the Personal Supply Box back in the original Warzone, the extremely rare container immediately provides you with your favourite weapons and can only be found on Vondel.

In theory, the idea is that a player can go into their gunsmith, hover over a weapon, and "set to favourite," allocating this setup to pop out one of these boxes.

Unfortunately, they appear to be completely broken for some players and are spitting out nothing when they're opened.

Warzone 2 Favourite Supply Boxes are completely broken


Taking to the CODWarzone subreddit, user AngelVP showcased a severe problem with the Favourite Supply Boxes on Vondel.

After finding one of the rare crates, AngelVP opened it. For whatever reason, the loot crate provided them with no gear at all. This isn't an isolated incident, with countless users in the thread revealing that their loadout boxes do this as well.

This "disappointing" bug can ruin a match for players, who may have potentially been able to win if they had got their hands on a top-tier setup.

Why are Warzone 2's Favourite Supply Boxes not working?

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While the devs are yet to respond to this issue or roll out a fix, some players are convinced they know why this is happening.

Based on their experience, this bug only occurs for PlayStation users as they have access to "12 loadout slots instead of the default 10."

As a result, if you set your favourite to one of the two extra loadout slots that are only available to PS users, it'll break the crates. To solve this, you just have to "set one of your first 1-10 loadouts as your 'favourite' and then these loadout crates will work for you."

While frustrating, at least there's a workaround for the time being. Let's hope the devs implement an official fix as soon as possible.

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