Activision shuts down Verdansk exploits with begrudging DMCA letters

Activision shuts down Verdansk exploits with begrudging DMCA letters

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Jack Marsh


18th Sep 2023 17:20

We all love Verdansk, and there's no denying that however good Al Mazrah is, it will never beat the OG map. Caldera never laid a glove on its predecessor's legacy, and now Las Almas appears to be the next to try and dethrone the 2019 Warzone landscape.

But now, some leakers have revealed they found a way to re-play the original map, and it's resulted in Activision begrudgingly striking down their DMCA hammer, despite enjoying the "enthusiasm."

Call of Duty dishes out DMCA strikes against Verdansk exploiters

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Renowned leaker "HeyImAlaix" took to Twitter to show that they were able to load into a Verdansk private match on an internally-leaked server, which played out "like a regular pub match."

The leaker had more than 20 players in their lobby, which must have bypassed the minimum requirements, and took to Twitter to share images of the map online.

However, Alaix has since taken down many of the tweets, which now are met with a copyright message. Despite posting the DMCA strikes on social media, they have danced with the devil and continued to share snippets of the Gulag and Verdansk-based vehicles. 

Call of Duty begrudgingly bans a Verdansk resurgence


Activision has cracked down hard on leakers in recent weeks, with Alaix being no different. Letters have been sent to the dataminer in regards to Verdansk, claiming that the Black Ops Cold War "Crack" version of Warzone is damaging their brand.

"The sale, distribution, and use of the Crack causes enormous and irreparable harm to the value and integrity of Activision’s products and services," the strike reads.

CharlieIntel was also provided a statement by Activision on the matter, which said, "Our content reflects the passionate work of our amazing development teams. We deeply appreciate the enthusiasm, but consistent with any intellectual property,  it’s important that we preserve and protect Call of Duty, and the incredibly talented developers who create it, from unauthorized use."

The developers clearly have a soft spot for the content that they have made, and it's implied here that although they are happy that fans want to play Verdansk, at this time, it isn't allowed.

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