Warzone 2 fan lands most 'creative' trickshot of all-time

Warzone 2 fan lands most 'creative' trickshot of all-time
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Alex Garton


14th Sep 2023 14:55

Landing a long-range sniper shot on Warzone 2 feels amazing, but nothing beats a highlight reel-style trickshot. While the days of 360 no scopes and across-map throwing knives were at their peak back in 2009 with MW2, there are still some players who enjoy putting together unbelievable clips.

Of course, with so many vehicles and locations in Warzone 2, there are plenty of opportunities to get creative with your trick shots. One Warzone 2 player has done exactly, putting together an unbelievable sniper clip that includes a boat, car, and helicopter.

Warzone 2 player pulls off sniper trickshot on a flying boat

Taking to the ModernWarfareII subreddit, user Strummy showcased their trickshot that has left Warzone 2 fans speechless.

Beginning in the water, Strummy launched a boat into the air off the front of a Hummer. While floating through the sky, their teammates in a helicopter managed to catch them on their blades, suspending them in the air.

The chopper then began to lift Strummy as high as possible before it exploded. It was at this point that Strummy took out their sniper while still in mid-air, then landed a clean shot on an unsuspecting foe in an enemy boat.

All of this is accompanied by music, as well as multiple perspectives from different players in the squad, which is an incredible touch.

Warzone 2 fans can't believe what they're watching

Warzone 2 trickshot
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Unsurprisingly, the Warzone 2 community is impressed with this clip, labelling it as the most "creative" trick shot of all time.

"I have to say this is one of the gnarliest, most creative shots I've ever seen," said one user, with another putting forward "We need more content like this here, magnificent."

It's clear there's a real demand for trickshot content in the CoD community, but it's a lot less popular than it used to be. Competitors are much more focused on securing the victory rather than creating a highlight-reel clip nowadays.

However, it's good to see there are still players keeping the pass-time alive and landing unbelievable shots.

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