MW3 devs remove iconic feature from Rust remastered map

MW3 devs remove iconic feature from Rust remastered map
Sledgehammer Games

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Jack Marsh


14th Sep 2023 11:28

When you think of Rust, the semantics that fill your head are of trickshots, party games, 1v1s, and the smell of pre-sugar tax Lucozade orange as you remember split-screening with your best friend.

The iconic Call of Duty map has been a staple of nearly every game since its original Modern Warfare 2 birthing, and even though it has been tweaked to suit different styles over the years, the main bulk of the map has stayed the same.

So with Modern Warfare 3 reviving all 16 of the MW2 maps, Rust is back again, but not all of its former glory will be transferred into the new era.

Modern Warfare 3's Rust will come without one iconic feature

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With all of these nostalgic gunfight playgrounds being re-added to the franchise, Sledgehammer Games has decided that some maps needed a bit of a re-design, and specifically Rust is being altered in a way to provide slightly more cover fire off spawns.

Players familiar with the original Rust will remember the open pipe that became quite a haven for players to escape AC-130 fire and also be a fantastic hiding place when Michael Myers came calling.

However, this corner of the map is being replaced by a building, which will still offer cover, but will take away from the rustic feel of the iconic landscape.

"Remember that open pipe jutting out in a corner that many a camper took roost in? It’s been replaced by a small building, keeping the fight out in the open. Also, be sure to take advantage of Rust’s verticality by climbing the centre tower and the surrounding containers with greater agility than ever before," reads the Call of Duty blog.

Modern Warfare 3 tweaks old MW2 maps to suit modern-day features


While Rust might be getting a bit of the surgical treatment, Modern Warfare 3 developers have now confirmed that most of the maps will be near-perfect copies of the originals, just with some minor tweaks to suit the modern-day gunplay and movement mechanics.

"There are places where the metrics of the level are adjusted to fit more modern gameplay. But for the most part, it’s going to feel incredibly similar. The biggest changes are in a fidelity sense," said Design Director Zach Hodson in the blog.

Most of the quirks, such as Highrise's crane platforms are all still on display, but fans can expect to see some minor adjustments in vehicle design and placement, and the odd cubby-hold being adjusted to allow for some slightly new angles of fire.

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