Warzone devs refuse to ban Signal 50 despite fears of ruining WSOW ‘integrity’

Warzone devs refuse to ban Signal 50 despite fears of ruining WSOW ‘integrity’

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Jack Marsh


13th Sep 2023 16:46

The Signal 50 is one of Warzone's biggest irks at the moment. 

Despite fans consistently calling out for one-shot snipers in Warzone for so long, the Signal 50 has become something of an inevitable grim reaper in the current meta, causing pros and streamers to call for its restriction in Ranked and competitive events.

Ahead of Warzone's biggest ever esports event though, the developers have refused to backtrack on the Signal 50 and have confirmed it will be used in the World Series of Warzone LAN.

Warzone pros demand Signal 50 bans ahead of WSOW

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The World Series of Warzone's inaugural LAN is just around the corner, but the meta is threatening to put a dampener on the experience.

The Signal 50 sniper is a one-shot kill and the WSOW pros are not looking forward to camping on rooftops, chipping away at enemies with the "boring" gun.

"Yeah the Signal 50 has to go or have a 1 Sniper limit or WSOW is going to be the most boring event you'll ever watch since the last Gorenko Masterclass," said Warzone streamer "TacticalBrit".

"If you think customs are tough to watch right now, WSOW will only be worse with so much on the line. Very little movement, grab loadout and post up on a roof. Cracking plates across the map until one team runs out. Understandable some players and teams enjoy this, but it’s just not fun," added WSOW competitor Thomas "Tommey" Trewren.

An abundance of other streamers and players have also voiced their concerns about the sniper, claiming that it will be a hindrance to the viewership experience.

Warzone devs confirm no more restrictions will be added to the WSOW weapon pool

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Despite the player's concerns though, the developers have reiterated that the Signal 50 will be in the weapon pool, and it will not be banned so close to the event.

"To maintain competitive integrity with only a few days before the event, we will not be introducing a major meta change," Warzone developers said in a Discord message.

The option is still there to put the Signal 50 under a "gentleman's agreement", such as the Call of Duty League pros do, but with many trios having already relied on the sniper for strategies, it's highly likely that the sniper will stay as the most widely-used gun in the game.

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