Warner Bros is reportedly 'threatening to destroy' major Mortal Kombat modders

Warner Bros is reportedly 'threatening to destroy' major Mortal Kombat modders
Image via YouTube - ToasterShoes | NetherRealm

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Joseph Kime


27th May 2024 08:35

Mortal Kombat has always needed its fans on its side. It’s true of many gaming franchises, but MK needed it.

When the games first debuted, the backlash would have been fair enough if it hadn’t been so furious - digital blood spilt across the loud carpets of the local arcades was enough to spin mothers everywhere into rage. It’s only the ongoing support of players that not only saw the game through its public ordeal but today, the franchise stands taller than ever as an icon of video games at large.

It seems, though, that the sentiment held by NetherRealm isn’t exactly the same as that of Warner Bros, as those same fans farting around in Mortal Kombat are looking to be thrown onto the chopping block.

ToastedShoes, Mortal Kombat YouTuber, is coming under fire from Warner Bros

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For YouTuber ToastedShoes, Mortal Kombat mods have been a great source of joy (and probably income), but now it has become clear that Warner Bros aren’t too keen about the creator putting them to use and showing them to the public.

Taking to Twitter, the creator claims that the company is “threatening to destroy my YouTube channel,” and has revealed that as a result he’s had to make a number of his videos private.

The attack has supposedly come in the form of an IP Infringement Notification directly from WB, claiming that his content infringes on their intellectual property rights.

Fans have shared their horror at the company aiming at potentially the biggest corroborator of Mortal Kombat mods, and it’s clear they’re not happy to see ToastedShoes take the brunt of WB’s legal team.

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This is a slippery slope, and though mods aren’t necessarily protected, they’re widely considered to be a part of a game growing popular, on PC especially. Without its fans, Mortal Kombat can’t exist, and if it keeps this up, that could end up being the case.

Joseph Kime
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