Gail Simone talks cancelled Mortal Kombat vs DC universe

Gail Simone talks cancelled Mortal Kombat vs DC universe
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Joseph Kime


4th Jan 2024 15:10

The Mortal Kombat world has rubbed shoulders with the inhabitants of Metropolis and Gotham before, even though some would be grateful to forget about it.

The properties of Warner Bros. Games have been smashed together like action figures since before the MultiVersus days, leading to the debut of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. It was an outing that had massive potential but fell flat due to lifeless combat and the lack of the magic of the MK series.

MK vs. DCU was largely panned due to its lack of gore, but there was a chance that the connection to the DC Universe could have run much deeper. That's according to comic book legend Gail Simone, who has explained the canned crossover that will never be.

Gail Simone talks MK vs DC Universe comic plans

Taking to Twitter, Simone revealed that she was approached to adapt more Warner Bros. properties into the world of comic books, stating that there was only one real choice for her when it came to taking on Mortal Kombat.

Simone recounts a meeting that she had with writer and editor Dan DiDio to discuss the potential of bringing new IPs to the comic world, and she didn't waste any time in hitting him with a pitch. "He asked me to look at the list and pick something I wanted to do," she reveals.

"I chose immediately but asked if I could take a copy of the list to look over and that was an absolute NO, for confidentiality. But it didn't matter, I'd already chosen, but I took a couple days to think. And I chose MORTAL KOMBAT."

The DCU potential for Mortal Kombat was huge

Scorpion breaks Batman's arm in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe.
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"I thought it would do great things for both franchises," Simone continues. "There had already been interaction in the MK and Injustice games. But MK's lore is a bit confusing and they don't have a clear timeline (or didn't at the time).

"A regular comic could cement the lore. But also, they would bring two types of characters to the book that DC always felt a little behind Marvel on; martial artists and gods. DC's martial arts lore seemed less fully-realized than Marvel's to me. There are exceptions, but it was just a spot that could be bigger."

Simone mentions Marvel's "more integrated god mythology than DC" and refers to the likes of Odin, Loki, and Sif. She pitched an annual tournament that would bring DC characters into the MK fold, highlighting match-ups like Superman vs. Raiden, Black Canary vs. Sonya Blade, and Plastic Man vs. Scorpion. 

It's a fascinating thread that offers some behind-the-scenes musings on the potential of Mortal Kombat in comic form alongside the world's greatest heroes - and frankly, it's just made us want more. Providing there's actually some viscera this time around.

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