Upgraded Switch Console Due Out In 2021

Upgraded Switch Console Due Out In 2021

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Tom Chapman


4th Mar 2021 10:04

With Sony and Microsoft rolling out their next-gen consoles thanks to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, gamers have rightly been asking, "What about Nintendo?", in the battle of the behemoths. While the Nintendo Switch's junior status - having first hit the market in 2017 - means it was never going to wade into the warzone with a wholly new console on a par with the GameCube's leap to the Wii, there have been continued rumours that an upgraded Nintendo Switch console is on the way. Now, we know a little more.

Despite critiques Nintendo has been dragging behind its competitors in terms of both software and hardware, 2021 is a big year for the house that Mario built. Alongside the much-hyped remaster of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, there's the hopeful release of Genshin ImpactMonster Hunter Rise, and an open world Pokemon prequel with Pokemon Legends: Arceus. If you want a suitably souped-up console to play all these newcomers on, an upgraded Switch console could be the one for you.


What is the upgraded Switch console?

According to Bloomberg, the "Nintendo Switch 2" will boast a 7-inch OLED screen from Samsung Display and 4K capabilities. OLED is talk of the town in terms of screens at the moment, offering higher contrast, consuming less battery, and the opportunity to provide a faster refresh rate than the Switch's current 60Hz. In terms of screen size, a 7-inch display is a significant boost from the standard Switch's 6.2 inches and the Switch Lite's 5.5 inches. 

Bloomberg claims Nintendo went with OLED as a cheaper (but less flexible) alternative to the screens used in high-end smartphones. Will the lack of flexibility come back to bite Nintendo in the backside? Still, the idea of the new Switch giving 4K ultra-high definition graphics when docked will bring the new model in line with the next-gen PlayStation and Xbox models. We've seen a boom in the popularity of 4K televisions in 2021, meaning a boost from the 1080p cap the Switch currently has is another big win.


When will the upgraded Switch console be available?

According to Bloomberg, production could start in June and the Switch 2 eying a late-2021 release. Despite the Switch's beloved status among fans, many think a four-year cycle is enough before it's earned an upgrade. The release of the Nintendo Switch 2 in 2021 is also perfectly timed. Both Microsoft and Sony have struggled to keep up with demand for their next-gen consoles, as most stores still display sold-out signs. Manufacturing issues and COVID-19 haven't helped the situation, however, a well-prepared Nintendo could once again leapfrog the competition. 

In general, the OG Switch has been a silent assassin in the midst of the pandemic. As the others have done their best to meet demand, the Switch had its best month ever in the USA last October and was the country's best-selling console. Just like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild launched alongside the Switch as its flagship title, does the idea of the Switch 2 finally reignite hopes we could get Breath of the Wild 2 in 2021? Probably not, but it's a nice idea.

There's no pricing on the Nintendo Switch 2, but considering the original hasn't dropped much from its launch price, expect this one to cost a pretty penny while still coming in under the PlayStation 5 and Xbox models. Despite complaints the Switch is the console for kids, Nintendo has done a great job shaking off this image with more mature games and proving it's an all-rounder that shouldn't be messed with. Now that rumours of a next-gen Nintendo Switch 2 look even more likely, we guess Microsoft and Sony are shaking in their factories. 


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