The Walking Dead fans are begging Telltale for Season 5

The Walking Dead fans are begging Telltale for Season 5
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25th Apr 2024 16:01

If Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead franchise has taught us anything, it's that things don't stay dead for long. While the comics have long wrapped up and AMC's live-action TV series followed suit in 2022, the Deadverse has continued in shows including Dead City, Daryl Dixon, and The Ones Who Live.

One corner of the franchise that's been tougher to crack is video games. The Walking Dead: Onslaught and Overkill's The Walking Dead were hardly hits, while The Walking Dead: Destinies gave Gollum a run for its money as the worst game of 2023. Still, this only led to Telltale's The Walking Dead shining even more.

Telltale's The Walking Dead want it to return for Season 5

Back in the day, Telltale made a name for itself with its episodic point-and-click adventures covering everything from Jurassic Park to Batman, Back to the Future to Game of Thrones. Telltale's The Walking Dead arrived at the peak of love for TWD, and telling its own story will well-rounded characters, it was an instant hit.

Despite Telltale chopping and changing around Telltale's The Walking Dead (and its own studio), we had four seasons of frights and farewells, with Clementine becoming the shining star of the story. Although things rounded off with the aptly named The Walking Dead: The Final Season in 2019, there have been calls for more.

It's hard to believe that it's been 12 years since Lee Everett first met Clementine and stopped by Hershel Greene's farm. As current TWD overseer Skybound Games celebrated Telltale's The Walking Dead's anniversary, fans flooded the comments to ask for more.

One shared their love for Clementine and simply wrote, "Bring her back." Another added, "It's been 4 years since season 4 came out. Don't make us suffer, make a season 5 :/" while a third said, "The best game 😭 🤍🤍 season 5 pls." It's true that Telltale's The Walking Dead is held by some as one of the best games ever, meaning there's more than enough support for Season 5.

The complicated tale of Telltale's The Walking Dead

Telltale's The Walking Dead Season 1 Lee and Clementine
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As we've seen with the seemingly neverending rollout of The Walking Dead series, there's plenty of fandom out there for the franchise. Unfortunately, Telltale's untimely demise in 2018 saw The Final Season handed over to Kirkman's Skybound Entertainment.

Telltale has since risen from the grave under LCG Entertainment and is working toward The Wolf Among Us 2 after it was cancelled. Game of Thrones and Strange Things games haven't seen the light of day since they were cancelled, and with no mention of The Walking Dead, we doubt Telltale would return to this world.

It's true that Skybound could continue the story, and with The Final Season's ending not being as final as it suggested, the fervour of fandom could resurrect the shuffling corpse of The Walking Dead. Still, with Telltale's tenure marking the game's peak, it might be best to leave this one in the ground so as not to desecrate its grave. 

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