Time-twisting GTA 6 fan theory points to Red Dead Redemption cameos

Time-twisting GTA 6 fan theory points to Red Dead Redemption cameos
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7th Jan 2024 21:29

GTA fans are hoping that some Red Dead Redemption characters could make an appearance in the sixth franchise instalment thanks to a fan theory about time-travel and dimension-hopping.

This wouldn’t be the first time that references to Red Dead Redemption characters have made their way into GTA, though some fans are sceptical based on the differences in each universe.

Fans are hoping to see some Red Dead Redemption cameos in GTA 6

Fans of Rockstar Games’ titles are hoping to see some crossover between the two in the upcoming GTA game.

Reddit user, TomDH_9991 shared a post stating that they hoped to see more of certain characters in GTA 6.

These characters include Francis, (a known time traveller) Gavin or Nigel (friends mysteriously separated who are looking for one another) and The Strange Man (a mysterious and seemingly supernatural entity).

Several other people agreed. One commenter said: “I'd love to see Strange Man's cameo. Imagine bumping into him in the crowd or seeing him in the distance watching you.”

Another Redditor agreed, adding: “Strange Man on the beach, wearing an early 1900s bathing suit and top hat just staring at you as you walk down the beach.”

Time-travel, dimension-hopping and past cameos are all being used to justify the characters appearances

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Fans who would like to see cameos from Red Dead Redemption characters in GTA 6 have used several justifications for their potential appearance, ranging from the fairly mundane to much more magical reasons.

One of the main justifications that fans have been using to bring characters over is that it has been done before, albeit on a much smaller scale.

John Marston, the protagonist of Red Dead Redemption, is able to be selected as the player's father in GTA Online. This allows players to determine how they look based on Marston genes.

This cameo doesn’t necessarily seal the deal for everyone, as many people were quick to point out that it was more of a reference to catch than an actual appearance in game, but it does suggest that Rockstar aren’t totally against merging the worlds in some way.

Some other fans took issue with the fact that Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto take place in different universes.

This problem has already been bypassed however, as those who want the cameos to happen have suggested that characters like Francis, who clearly have some magical abilities, could easily just move between dimensions.

“Francis is probably a universe hopper or something,” wrote one Redditor. “He’s a magical character... so it would not be an issue for them to just say he moves between parallel universes. Why not?”

Similarly, people are not worried about the difference in time period between the two games, with Red Dead Redemption being set in the early 1900’s and GTA being modern day.

In reference to Francis, one commenter said: “True time traveller. By adding him [Rockstar] would really be making an if you know you know point.”

Whether or not Rockstar intends to have Red Dead Redemption cameo's in GTA 6, it is clearly something that would go down well with fans.

The developer doesn't even need to think of a reason for how they got there since the player's have already done all of the work.

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