Part three of the CoD zombies tale leads us to an alternate dimension, where things are about to get really loopy...

11:18, 01 Jul 2020

Part one of our Call of Duty: Zombies tale saw us cover the inception of the zombies, stemming from Apothicons, Agartha, and the Great War to maps such as Shadows of Evil, Buried, Moon, Origins and Der Eisendrache. Element 115 (the element used by the Apothicons in the Great War to transport between dimensions, leading to the birth of zombies) had been found on multiple occasions, leading us to part two, where everything started to pick up pace. German scientist Dr. Ludwig Maxist rediscovered the element and formed an experimental team called ‘Group 935’ based in Der Reise. Whilst the secret organisation studied the unknown element, Maxist’s wife gave birth to a young girl, Samantha.

Joint with Dr. Richtofen, the development of the undead grew through their experiments and outbreaks occurred at multiple research facilities across the globe, featuring some of your favourite maps like Kino Der Totem, Shangri La and Shi No Numa. The end of part two had seen Richtofen and Maxist resent each other, with Richtofen locking Maxist, Samantha and her dog Fluffy in the teleporter. This led to the hellhounds, Samantha controlling the zombies through the Aether Pyramid on the moon, and Maxist dead. In a bid to save Samantha, and rotten through corruption, Richtofen swapped bodies with the young girl, leaving him trapped inside her and controlling the undead. Samantha used her father’s electricity to separate herself from Richtofen’s body, creating a second embodiment of herself and escaped to Agartha. Cue part 3… and bear with us here, things get a little messy.

Samantha | Image via Call of Duty Fandom

The Flesh

On March 27th 2027, two years after the earth was fractured due to the missiles set off by the electrical force that was Ludwig Maxist in order to save Samantha, a group of remaining humans on earth was formed claiming that eating zombie flesh was the only way to survive. These were known as ‘The Flesh’. A member of the group, Samuel J. Stuhlinger began to hear voices after consuming the flesh of a zombie, which happened to be that of Dr. Richtofen. The corrupted scientist instructed Stuhlinger and The Flesh to erect a polarization device which will allow him to fix the rifts in space-time and take full control on the aether. At the same time, Maxist, from using his electrical forces on the moon, began to communicate with other survivors on earth, asking them to build the same polarization devices in order for him to be extracted from the electricity and join Samantha in Agartha, at the expense of destroying Earth.


The Flesh, hearing the voices of Richtofen, and the other survivors, hearing the voices of Maxist, end up waging in war, with battles breaking out between them. Amongst the battles, a third party arrived, wiping out the majority of humans: the undead. Zombies had wiped out most of the remaining life forms on earth, although Stuhlinger escaped, stealing a bus from a nearby Broken Arrow facility. Stuhlinger also met Russman, Marlton and Abigail ‘Misty’ Briarton at a diner, where they teamed up, forming ‘Victis’. Maxist contacts Victis to continue building the polarization device, and after consuming zombie flesh again, Stuhlinger is contacted by Richtofen’s voice to do the same for him. Whilst conflicted, they built the device at Green Run for Maxist. In anger, Richtofen left the Aether Pyramid to teleport to Die Rise, where he demanded that Victis build the second device, to which they did, but for Maxist again.

Tranzit | Image via In-game screenshot | activision


After erecting the second device, the quadrant travelled to Purgatory Point, where they find Arthur (The Giant / Leroy) locked in a jail. After freeing him, the mass amount of element 115 in the area caused the voices to return, where they constructed the third and final polarization device for Maxis. After the activation of the devices, Maxis revealed his true intentions to Victis and traps Richtofen inside the body of a zombie. The devices opened a portal to alternate dimensions such as Agartha and ‘Dimension 63’, and looking in from Agartha, Samantha saw the corruption that has taken over her father. Samantha reached into dimension 63, landing back in 1918, and searched for her father there for help. Maxist destroyed Earth as they passed through time and space.

This is where life gets tricky if it wasn’t already. Back to the beginning we go…

The Alternate Dimension

To understand dimension 63, a quick recap is necessary. (For a full recap, please refer to part one of the tale) In the beginning, there was just the Aether and its inhabitants, the keepers. Two of those were Doctor Monty and the Shadowman. After causing friction in time and space, the Great War broke out between humanity and the Apothicons. Primis is formed and together with the Keepers, they won the war. Primis then erected Der Eisendrache. In this dimension, statues of Primis are found in Northern France as a beacon of hope that if one day a great evil falls upon mankind, they may return. Furthermore, in this dimension, Richtofen’s parents die young, and after meeting Ludwig Maxist at a university, they become close, with the latter being a father figure for young Richtofen. They soon form Group 935.

Richtofen meets Richtofen

The crossovers from the dimensions first become apparent in 1914, as Richtofen in dimension 63 is visited by himself. The other Richtofen handed him blood vials stating that ‘you will need this blood. When the time comes, it will protect you’ before stepping back through the rift and vanishing.

The Elemental Staffs

Group 935 discovered a diary full of stories from the Great War. Using this they were able to locate element 115 in the tombs where the Primis statues were located where, after gaining access, they found schematics for the four elemental staffs that Primis used to win the Great War. Richtofen was instructed by Maxist to construct these, meanwhile, Maxist studied the diary further, learning about energy fields that would create rifts throughout space and time. After successfully creating one, Samantha appeared through it and declared to Maxist that she is his daughter from another dimension and begged for help. Furthermore, an ancient ‘magic box’ fell through the portal too, containing weapons.

Primis in Revelations | Image via in-game screenshot | Activsion


Richtofen learned that the development site is the largest deposit of element 115 on earth, and begun to make a connection between this and Maxist’s deteriorated mental health, through being consumed by the diary, and obsessed by Samantha’s voice. The knights within the tombs were reanimated due to element 115, which drove Maxist into insanity. Doctor Rictofen called upon the help of some allies, Tank Dempsey, Nikolai and Takeo. Richtofen removed Maxist’s brain, to prevent his father figure from being turned into the undead, and with that, the united Primis battled through the undead and helped free Samantha from the rift that had her locked in Agartha. Through the portal, Maxist’s brain arrived in Agartha, where Dr. Monty decided to step in and wipe the embodiments of the brain in al dimensions that were corrupted by the Dark Aether.

Mob of the Dead

In dimension 63, a series of gangsters, fraudsters and murderers were sentenced to life imprisonment at Alcatraz. Al, Sal, Finn and Billy were all sentenced to the electric chair; however, Al convinced the other that they can build a plane and escape. Furious with frustration at the unsuccessful mission, they lured Al to the roof to kill him, and their death sentence was accelerated after being found guilty. When the three are electrocuted, the Warden also committed suicide, and the embodiments of Al, Sal, Finn and Billy are reanimated but not as zombies. The undead rained on Alcatraz and the four fought off endless waves, before killing each other again. A form of Richtofen then appeared in a rift to secure blood samples of Sal and Finn, before vanishing again.

Blood of the Dead

Dimension 63 Richtofen then proceeded to build a lab underneath Alcatraz, with the help of Victis, who had arrived in dimension 63 from the destroyed earth. They found documents learning of the blood vials, and Richtofen travels through time to acquire the blood vials from the younger version of himself that another version of himself had gifted to him before. I told you this gets confusing, all you need to know is that the right Richtofen now has the right blood vials in the right dimension. However, after going through the rift, Primis was attacked by zombies after finding the summoning key at Alcatraz and managed to fend them off until the Richtofen from the Great War arrived. Here, the summoning key killed him, and the warriors escaped as the summoning key harvested the souls of the undead. The summoning stone was left behind, to be found two years later by the Shadowman and ‘the reporter’.

COD Black Ops 4 Zombies Shot 02jpg1
Blood of the Dead | Image via Activision

Shadows of Evil

Dr Monty wrote to the reporter, telling him never to give the summoning key to anyone, as he knows the full potential of the weapon. At the same time, the Shadowman, appearing as his alias ‘Mr. Rapt’, messed with the lives of four ordinary people: Nero Blackstone, Jessica Rose, Floyd Campbell and Jack Vincent. Posing as a policeman, a film director, and using the reporter, he was able to lure them all to a burlesque club, where they were all knocked unconscious at the arrival of Richtofen, who had learned of the summoning key’s whereabouts. After ruining the lives of the four people, the Shadowman offers them redemption when they awake, tricking them into performing rituals which open a gate for the Apothicons to enter the world. The keepers also are lured into the world, and alongside the four humans, they defeat the Apothicons, and the Shadowman, by trapping him inside the summoning key, which Primis Richtofen steals before the keepers retain it. Vanishing through a portal, dimension 63 was destroyed.


Primis travelled back to earth as they knew it before it was destroyed, back in 1945, during World War 2, rife with summoning key and the blood vials. However, due to the differences caused by the death of Maxist, technology had advanced astronomically. Giant robots were assisting in the war, and a Dragon had appeared at the Battle of Stalingrad. In a three-way battle between humans, robots and Dragon, Primis are met by Ultimis who arrived through a rift. The two versions of each person battled alongside the humans, before winning the war and turning on each other. Primis, using the summoning key, kill Ultimis, capturing their souls, and sending them to Maxist in Agartha, who had been embodied by Doctor Monty once more.

Agartha in Revelations | Image via Call of Duty Fandom

Wait, another restart?!

In Agartha, keepers develop a powerful weapon, which they call the summoning key (you may be seeing what is happening here, the souls were sent back in time to before the summoning key was originally created). The summoning key is used to open dimensions, dimensions created the Dark Aether, the Dark Aether corrupted keepers, among them is the Shadowman, and war soon breaks out between those corrupted and the keepers. The corrupted are soon banished to the Dark Aether and prepare for their invasion of earth one day. Here, however, lies the twist. The brain of Maxist lied within this dimension. With Doctor Monty's help, the Maxis brain arrives at the House in Agartha. Despite the absence of his soul, Monty recreated a physical manifestation of his Dimension 63 form and reunited him with Samantha, who had been residing in Agartha since she escaped Richtofen’s body. Monty then separated the pair after becoming aware of her corruption and uses the focusing stone to restore her innocence.

The Loop

Monty hatched a plan to be rid of the Apothicons forever, and dove into the dimension of the empty earth, finding a powerful artefact called Kronorium from a facility that Maxist had built. Furthermore, Monty brought Primis to this dimension, telling them about the plan. Still with their summoning key and the blood vials. The vials were used to send Primis to empty earth to harness the power of Kronorium, where they encounter undead Richtofen, the form that Samantha had created at the end of Buried. Upon a visit to ‘Dimension 2210’ to search for the power of Kronorium, Richtofen brings back a child ‘Eddie’, who plays with Samantha. All united here in Agartha, they harness the power of Kronorium to open the summoning key again and release the Shadowman and the Apothicons once in a bid to destroy them once and for all. Primis serve their purpose and destroy the Apothicons with the elemental staffs, but harness the souls of corruption, meaning that cannot remain in Agartha. In a bid to explore the history of earth Richtofen and the rest of Primis step through a portal to an older earth, accidentally landing in the original Great War, forever stuck in a mindless loop of time and space.

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