In the midst of rumours regarding Call of Duty: Cold War/Vietnam/Black Ops Reboot, the next generation of Zombies have been leaked.

15:30, 19 Mar 2020

The next installation of the Call of Duty franchise has been rumoured to be set in Vietnam. Whether the title will be Call of Duty: Vietnam, Cold War or Black Ops 5 is yet to be confirmed, although recent Call of Duty news suggests it will be 'Cold War'. One thing is for certain though, is that profound CoD Developers Treyarch will continue their Zombies saga. A leak from a cancelled DLC from Black Ops 1 hints towards what we can expect from Treyarch this year.

Leaker TheGamingRevolution has revealed that Call of Duty 2020 will be primarily based on the Cold War, with a heavy focus on Vietnam. Images and concept art have been released which support this leak and TheGamingRevolution has revealed a blog post from Nick Choles back in 2015 which shows the details of some Vietnam-based Zombies.

The blog post was created by Nick Choles, who designed the concept for Raven, the company that assisted Treyarch in the making of Black Ops 1. This design didn’t make it into the original Black Ops but certainly fits the themes which have been leaked for this years’ Call of Duty thus far.

What have we learnt?

The blog post features ideas for seven zombie styles based on Vietnam warfare, with pictures and descriptions on movement paths and attack styles.

Smoke Screen Zombie


This style of zombie would be a mix between the Nova gas monkeys on Kino Der Toten and a regular zombie. With the ability to reduce player visibility through toxic smoke, this zombie type could prove to be a formidable foe, especially in larger waves. The smoke will also cover the way for different, and stronger, types of zombies to move through and get within close proximity to your squad.

NVA Zombie


This style looks like it could be the standard zombie for a Vietnam-styled map, with the same apparel as a Vietnam soldier. It also looks like there are visible burn marks across the arms and face, which was typical of the guerrilla styled warfare during the Cold War.

VC_VO Thuat Zombie


The stronger of the zombie types. This martial arts zombie appears to be incredibly tough to dodge up close, possibly to combat the ‘training’ of zombies which was so popular and effective on Kino Der Toten. It also looks pretty awesome.

Viet Cong Zombie 1


Like the NVA zombie, the Viet Cong looks like a model for a standard zombie. Again wearing the blue uniform, the Viet Cong zombie looks like a slower foe which could feature in the early rounds.

Viet Cong Zombie 2


Another standard zombie type, although this zombie looks slightly more mobile, maybe used in the later rounds.

Meteor Infection / Mutation Zombie


Gross. Another victim to guerrilla warfare, this zombie is a victim of chemical mutilation, and will certainly cause fright to players coming through the yellow smoke of the Smoke Screen Zombie. With blood and sores across the face of this zombie, we can only imagine the chaos of a headshot wound.

Zombie Oxen


Saving the best until last. This Zombie Oxen looks incredible, albeit an inevitably tough opponent. Coming in different variants, the Oxen could be used in a similar light to the rounds featuring the hellhounds, with progressive difficulty with the further through the game you get. Can you imagine two of these pulling a cart full of zombies heading your way?

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Images via Nick Choles

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