Beans on losing the rookie tag and playing with no fear

Beans on losing the rookie tag and playing with no fear
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Jack Marsh


16th Jun 2023 22:51

Boston Breach's approach to life in the Call of Duty League has been quite unorthodox, having joined late in the pre-season prior to the Vanguard season and having to field a team of leftovers.

But now it's only the toast crusts that are leftover, as Beans is here to take over the team with a typically British brute force, and he's already stepping out of the comfort zone of 'rookie' protection to make sure Breach is recognised as one of the best Call of Duty teams in the world and silencing any recruitment doubters.

Beans especially is stepping to the plate, as he's now entering one of Breach's in-game leadership roles, pioneering his younger prodigies to make a Champs upset run worth writing about in the history books.

Beans is relishing ditching the 'rookie' tag in his first World Championships

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Although he's only spent a few months in the lineup, Beans is the second-most experienced player on Boston, with Joe "Owakening" Conley - who isn't notorious for leadership qualities - and he's already shifted that rookie mindset to prove he belongs in the League and can step up to the plate.

"I think I've had a quite different experience from Kyle [Kremp] and Eric [Snoopy]. We've made a lot of roster changes this year, so I've had to adapt and learn quickly to not be a 'rookie', to be a bit - not a leader - but have a bit more experience," Beans told GGRecon.

"I've been in the league longer than them, even if it is just a few months, it can mean everything."

Breach's inexperienced roster has been leaning off Doug "Censor" Martin and Head Coach Zach "Zed" Denyer, but it doesn't get much more fresh for a rookie to come in against OpTic Texas at Champs for their first-ever game. 

"Obviously we brought Eric in. He's a really good SnD player, which is always good because it wins you championships, as everyone knows," Beans added. "So take a gamble, why not?"

Although Beans is now taking the reigns, Snoopy also looks to be breathing confidence. "It's been pretty crazy. My first event ever is Champs and we only had a couple of weeks of practice. But I feel like in those weeks the team has really helped me out to make me comfortable and block the nerves."

Beans claims Boston Breach are playing at Champs without expectations

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Given that Boston's preparation for Champs was significantly less than those around them, Breach now gets to play with freedom and exuberance, as the chains of expectations that weigh so many people down have now been lifted.

Following their victory over ROKKR, in what was one of the most ferocious and aggressive matches we've seen yet, Beans claims it's because they are playing freely and without fear.

It's not 'nothing to lose' because if you lose at Champs it's not great. But, in our heads, we were like, 'Look, you got top 12 and top 12 in the last two events. There are no expectations for us really. Just go out there, have fun, and play loose. Don't have so much pressure on us to be unbelievable'.

"I think that worked perfectly with that game [against ROKKR] too."

Boston now faces a huge match against Atlanta FaZe to head into the top four, with no lifelines left, where they really will have to leave everything on the stage.

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