Dashy: '[Ghosty] fits us like a hand in a glove"

Dashy: '[Ghosty] fits us like a hand in a glove"
OpTic Texas

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Jack Marsh


16th Jun 2023 01:27

OpTic Texas has it all to do at the Call of Duty League World Championships 2023. Its season started with chaos, before becoming the most-feared team in the league, followed by a catastrophic setback at the worst time possible.

But before their untimely demise, it was a random kid on the block that would add the cement to OpTic's crumbling wall, as Dan "Ghosty" Rothe came out of nowhere to become the saviour that OpTic needed.

Now, the emphasis is back on the rookie to lead a team of superstars and the biggest organisation in CoD into a new realm of success, as OpTic is rallying behind Ghosty to overcome its Major V disappointment in the best fashion possible.

After a decade of watching superstars, OpTic is putting its faith in Ghosty to lead the troops to a second set of rings, and he's got the backing of his much-more established teammates who claim he "fits us like a hand in a glove".

Dashy opens up about OpTic's relationship with Ghosty as the leader

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OpTic has bounced back in fine form, beating Boston Breach and its own new rookie with a 3-1 win in round one, and has won in the upper bracket, which has previously served as quite the stumbling block.

Back to winning ways, Brandon "Dashy" Otell has now opened up about their relationship complex with Ghosty, claiming that he is "perfect" for OpTic.

"I asked around, asked some of the former teammates that I've played with in the past - Parasite and FeLo - and I asked 'Yo, what do you think about us picking up this guy?' And they both said that he's a really good player but he's also one of the best comms teammates that they've ever played with," Dashy told GGRecon in a post-match interview.

"So for me, it was a no-brainer, because, with our team, me, Huke, and Shotzzy, we could do a lot of the communicating, but we'd rather focus on our own gameplay, on our own shooting, how we're playing, and kind of like just be directed.

"The way, as soon as Dan came in, it was like a hand in a glove. It was perfect."

OpTic Texas full of beans after settling their Champs nerves

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The first match for OpTic was always going to be crucial. Back-to-back losses at Major V were followed by no online qualifiers for Champs, leaving them to stew over their mistakes.

But the main stage lights have reawakened the beast, and both Ghosty and Dashy have revealed that their usual first-round nerves have now been settled.

Following the win, Ghosty said, "There are just fewer nerves now, in my opinion, going into like all matches moving forward. The first match, especially for me because I'm a rookie, is definitely the most nerve-wracking game."

Especially as a team that has a new pickup," added Dashy. "You have no idea how he plays. They have kind of nothing to lose mentality."

"We're glad that we can get a W going forward, though! There's still a lot of work to do."

OpTic now faces a matchup with New York Subliners, who appear to be in tantalising form, in what will be a thriller of a game in the Upper Bracket.

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