Part two of three of the Call of Duty Zombies story, we look into the question: Who is Samantha?

09:33, 24 Jun 2020

In part one of our Call of Duty Zombies story we covered the inception of the zombies, stemming from the Great War to maps such as Shadows of Evil, Buried, Moon, Origins and Der Eisendrache. Shortly after the creation of the Pack-a-Punch machine, we left at the rediscovery of element 115 (the element used by the Apothicons in the Great War to transport between dimensions, leading to the birth of zombies) by German scientist Dr. Ludwig Maxist, before forming an experimental team called ‘Group 935’ based in Der Reise. Whilst the secret organisation studied the unknown element, Maxist’s wife gave birth to a young girl, Samantha.

Doctor Edward Richtofen joins Group 935

Operating in secret as part of the Illuminati, Dr. Edward Richtofen joined Group 935 to begin working on the teleportation devices possible through element 115. Meanwhile, element 115 was also discovered in Japan at the Rising Sun facility, also known as Shi No Numa, and in America at Grim Lake, Nevada; the place seen in the start of the map ‘Moon’. The early stage of Richtofen’s teleportation tests were unsuccessful, creating ‘changed’ people who ultimately died. Using element 115 Richtofen & Maxist resurrected a corpse which then becomes rabid and attacks the scientists, their first contact with a ‘zombie’. Alongside this, Richtofen was also working on the development of the Wunderwaffer and successfully managed to teleport a walnut. Maxist, unimpressed by this achievement collaborated with the German government for funding, with promises to allow them to use element 115 in the future, to which Richtofen was hugely displeased with.

Der Reise | Image via Activision


With his experiments becoming more successful, Richtofen volunteered for his own test to teleport humans, and as a result of this, he was teleported to the moon, despite intending to be transported to the Die Reise mainframe. Here he encountered the Aether Pyramid placed there by the Apothicons thousands of years prior. After encountering this he was electrocuted and began to hear voices of corruption from the ‘Shadowman’. From the moon he teleported back to earth, landing in Shangri La. There he encountered the Focus Stone (made up of element 115) and due to the Shadowman’s control, went insane trying to reach Agartha. Upon learning the effects of the Focusing Stone, Richtofen was able to regain his own mind, and left Shangri La to return to Der Reise, where, he and further German scientists decided to build Griffin Station on the moon to study the Aether Pyramid.

Nazi Zombie Influence

Due to the funding deal stricken between Maxist and the Reichstag, further research facilities were built, including Kino der Toten (an adapted theatre), and Verruckt (an old mental asylum), alongside the acquirement of Shi No Numa from the Japanese. Furthermore, they created a research facility in Siberia (scene of Call of the Dead) where element 115 was found and a facility at Der Eisendrache castle. With constant changes in accommodation, Maxist bought a pregnant dog, Fluffy, to keep Samantha company, alongside her teddy bear.

A series of outbreaks

As a result of element 115's corruption, zombie outbreaks began to occur at numerous research facilities, including the Siberian research centre, Verruckt, and a German bunker after a plane crashed whilst transferring the undead and element 115 (Nacht der Untoten). To stay somewhat safe, Richtofen and Maxist returned to Der Reise to continue their research of teleportation, but Rictofen, furious with the Nazi Party's involvement, planned on killing Maxist and Samantha. Whilst Richtofen stirred on his plan, the two scientists tested the teleportation device on Fluffy, who returned to Der Reise zombified.

Zombies protagonist/antagonist Samantha in her early life | Image via in-game Screenshot | Black ops 4

Samantha's Turn

Samantha, in shock, darted into the teleportation device to check on Fluffy, who in turn was followed by Maxist, aware of the state of Fluffy. An opportunistic Rictofen closed the teleporter on the three of them to hopefully allow a rabid Fluffy to take over and kill them both. However, the plan was foiled as Fluffy was teleported to Aether, giving birth to the pups (hellhounds), Maxist to ‘the crazy place’ where he learnt about the use of electricity combined with the Aether, and Samantha to the moon. At shock of what had happened, Samantha ran inside the Aether Pyramid on Griffin Station where she became corrupted. Once Rictofen realised this, he rescued Maxist and sent him to the Station to help Samantha, who in light of recent events, betrayed Rictofen and plotted with her father to kill him. "To kill them all". Maxist, rich with his newfound logic of electricity, killed himself where his soul merged with the Aether Pyramid and electricity on Griffin Station. A corrupted Samantha then unleashed the dead on the facility, and on Der Reise to try and kill Richtofen. The mad scientist residing at Der Reise woke three of his test subjects, Tank Dempsey, Pablo Marinus and Nikolai Belinski, forming ‘Ultimis’, who then fought off the zombies before activating the teleporter. Accidentally using the Wunderwaffe whilst teleporting, they were teleported into the future to Kino der Toten in 1963, with Richtofen dropping his diary in the process.

Samantha Returns

After discovering the intel on the outbreak at Der Reise, the Soviet government recovered the diary and acquired some scientists from group 935, which has now been disbanded. Whilst working on the research notes left in the diary, two scientists, ‘Gersh’ and Yuri Zavoyski, formed the ‘Ascension Group’. Meanwhile, in Shangri-La, explorers retrieved the Focusing Stone which Ultimis believe is the key to destroying a corrupted Samantha. A zombie outbreak occurred and when using the teleporter to rid of the zombies, one was ported to the Pentagon, where the US government had been conducting their own research on the undead, with the other half on Group 935. Yuri begun to notice several children’s toys around the facility and upon reading Richtofen’s diary, he begun to hear Samantha’s voice, quickly consuming him and driving him into madness.

The first subject

In a meeting in the Pentagon between Robert MacNamara, John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon and Fidel Castro, a zombie outbreak occurred due to the zombie teleported from Japan, and Samantha sent Yuri through the teleporter to the Pentagon to assist in the destruction. Ultimis appeared at DEFCON level 5 and save the day, with all four politicians surviving. Whilst at the Ascension facility Gersh was trapped by another zombie outbreak and using the portal created by Samantha, Ultimis travelled through and battle the undead in the map ‘Ascension’.

Call of duty zombies map 'five' | Image via Activision

Nuketown Nuked

After fighting off the zombies in Ascension, the development research was stifled, and Ultimis left earth through a portal to the Aether. Now in 2025, the US Government was short on element 115, deciding to dig near to a small town called ‘Nuketown’, under the operation ‘Broken Arrow’. As a result of the drilling, a nuclear bomb exploded and CIA and CDC Operatives arrived to find a hoard of undead, where they were to fight off the wave of zombies.

Richtofen becomes Samantha

At the same time, Ultimis surfaced with a plan to take down Samantha and destroy her from within the Aether Pyramid on the moon. Using the Vril device and the Focusing Stone, Richtofen swapped place with the young girl, taking Samantha’s body, gaining full control of the zombies. Maxis, who remained an electronic station contacted the remaining Ultimis trio to betray Richtofen, in which they agreed due to his inanity and corruption. They fired missiles from the moon to earth, with one landing at Nuketown killing the zombies that Richtofen controlled, and left earth fractured, severing Richtofen’s connection with the Aether. With help from Maxis and his control on the Aether, Samantha was pulled from Richtofen’s body which she unwillingly adopted in the swap, creating a second version of herself, and travelled through a portal to Agartha. Richtofen resided on the moon within Samantha, and the second version of Samantha dwelled in Agartha to begin a new journey of revenge.


Stay tuned at GGRecon for the final part of Call of Duty Zombies Lore: The Alternate Dimension.



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