The Potential For a Standalone Call of Duty Zombies Campaign

The Potential For a Standalone Call of Duty Zombies Campaign

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Jack Marsh


8th Jul 2020 18:00

The story behind Call of Duty: Zombies is incredibly detailed and each map links to the next. But could you imagine buying one Call of Duty game that features every single map, from Der Reise to Kino der Toten, as you play through the story and dive into the world of Dr Richtofen and Samantha?

Sounds pretty awesome right?

With Treyarch developing Black Ops Cold War this year, Zombies are set to feature again and could tie into the story that we’ve been playing through for so many years, however, there has never been anything to achieve in this game mode, apart from beating your own personal record. This is where our idea comes into fruition. You can get all the enjoyment of reaching your high score on Verruckt, sporting the infamous Thundergun and Ray Gun combo, and upon round 25 (for example) you have completed this map and continue in the campaign. First of all, it’s best to quickly summarise a few things about the backstory…

The Story

The story of Call of Duty Zombies has extended through multiple instalments of the Treyarch sub-franchise although the timeline doesn’t coincide with the order the maps were released. Therefore, a Zombies Campaign will help embed the understanding of the story and the characters that we have controlled. The first maps include Der Reise, Shadows of Evil and Buried, contrary to what many fans believe, with most assuming the story begins with WAW’s Nacht der Untoten (Night of the Dead). You will dive into the origins of the Zombies and how the planet Agartha created the undead, before seeing Dr. Richtofen be corrupted and try to kill Samantha, who in turn unleashes hellhounds back at the mad scientist. From start to finish you could cover all the maps (except those on Black Ops 4) and uncover the truth about how the Pack-a-Punch machine was formed.

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How would it work?

Cutscenes would inevitably lay the foundations of the story, and when an outbreak would occur along the CoD Zombies timeline, you would dive into the maps we have fell in love with over the years and battle the undead until defeating them or being overran. The gameplay would rarely differ but could feature in-game missions to understand the timeline, such as form parts of the Pack-a-Punch machine in Buried and create the Juggernaut perk in Die Eisendrache. In-game missions would then unlock the item for future maps and so on.

Furthermore, you would have the ability to continue to set your high scores and personal bests, by choosing to aim for a certain level. For instance, you may have to reach round 15 to be able to continue the story and collect one star. You could achieve two stars for round 20, and three stars for round 25, with the option to continue. Stars can then be used to unlock items, weapons, and playable characters. Enjoying everything that the zombies' mode has to offer, all whilst learning the complete backstory which spanned across thousands of years.

Is it feasible?

Activision has a history of churning out previous maps and weapons as DLCs or integrating them into the selling point of an individual title, especially on multiplayer. There is no reason to suggest that this isn’t possible for zombies’ titles too. Especially when we compare this to the standalone Call of Duty Mobile title that has a mashup of different maps and weapons across the franchise. CoD mobile’s success has been nothing short of spectacular, especially with the World Championships being announced, offering $1million in prize money.

It is already proven that nostalgia runs deep in the veins of CoD fans, and a zombies title would surely fuel the fire of reminiscence and sentimentality. With many maps to play and endless hours of gameplay to enjoy, a standalone Call of Duty: Zombies title could certainly be feasible given Activision’s track record.

Would you play it?

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