The next Warzone map is already on the way, reportedly named Marina

The next Warzone map is already on the way, reportedly named Marina
Raven Software

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Jack Marsh


7th Dec 2023 12:29

When it rains, it pours.

Seemingly minutes after the integration of Urzikstan to Warzone and the transition away from Al Mazrah came into play, yet another battle royale map has now been leaked.

According to leaks, another Warzone map is already in development, as Marina is reportedly on the way to succeed in the smaller resurgence battle royale experience. 

Warzone leaks hint towards a new Resurgence map coming in 2024

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Give us a second, Raven Software. We've just this second settled in our new home for the year and you're already planning an extension to the house. 

According to the leaker page "MWIIINTEL", Call of Duty 2024 will bring forth a small Warzone map named "Marina" which will be roughly the same size as the likes of Rebirth Island and Fortune's Keep.

This map will likely come alongside yet another large-scale map, such as the pattern of annual updates appears to be giving us, but will be earmarked with Black Ops integration and littered with Treyarch's footprint, rather than Infinity Ward.

It's worth noting that the Black Ops 2024 title is set to be based on the Gulf War and therefore the rumoured Marina map will also have a 90s-2000s edge.

Warzone Resurgence is set for a massive influx of maps in 2024


So far we've already seen Vondel and Ashika Island live harmoniously together in Warzone 2, where battle royale meets multiplayer and everyone is out for blood. 

But we also had confirmation Rebirth Island is definitely coming back to Warzone, the Resurgence pool looks to be expanding.

Now with Marina also planned, this will take the total to four Resurgence maps in total, although there could be a rotational system which sees some maps come out, get tweaked, and be re-added.

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