Rebirth Island Is Coming Back To Warzone

Rebirth Island Is Coming Back To Warzone
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Jack Marsh


19th Jan 2023 11:00

After months of no Resurgence-based Warzone action, amid Al Mazrha's introduction and the purge of legacy maps, Rebirth Island is set to be re-added to the franchise.

Rebirth Island was one of the most popular maps in Warzone history, sitting just behind the iconic Verdansk and beating its Alcatraz lookalike from Blackout.

So, with its removal, it's only natural that fans have been pining after its return. Now, it's rumoured to be coming back to Warzone. Kind of...

Is Rebirth Island Coming Back to Call Of Duty: Warzone?

Following the return of Verdansk to Warzone Mobile, the hand-held Call of Duty title now appears to be stealing Rebirth Island too.

According to leaker Shaun Weber (@just4leaks2), a content update for Warzone Mobile will bring the game to more regions, add an update for the gun-levelling TDM workshop, and even Rebirth Island as a map.

The Resurgence map would come as the second landscape in the title, which is still circulating around the world.

Sadly, those playing Warzone 2 on console and PC are left dreaming about the mythical addition of Rebirth Island

Call of Duty Mobile Continuing To Add Fan-Favourite Content

Taking the fan-favourite Rebirth Island is right on the money for Call of Duty Mobile's ethos, with the title generating a plethora of the best maps and modes that graced the console games over the last decade or so.

Remember though, Warzone Mobile is a different app to CoD: Mobile, which hosts iconic maps like Highrise, Raid, Firing Range, Nuketown, and Standoff.

Still, it's expected that the battle royale map will continue to bring the best elements of the console variants over to the handheld experience. Looking further ahead, can we also hope for Fortune's Keep and Al Mazrah in the future? 

Core Warzone players shouldn't be too disheartened at this though, as a brand-new Resurgence map is scheduled for a console and PC release in Season 2, either on February 15 or the mid-season update in March.

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