Call Of Duty 2024 Set For 1990 Gulf War Background

Call Of Duty 2024 Set For 1990 Gulf War Background

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Jack Marsh


20th Jul 2022 12:52

We're not even at Modern Warfare 2 yet, but Treyarch isn't the type of developer to let their friendly rivals Infinity Ward take up all of the spotlight. While they will be helping Infinity Ward on Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 by rolling out the ranked playlists in both games, Treyarch is also already kicking things off for Call of Duty 2024, and it appears they're carrying on from where they left off last. 

The masters behind the Black Ops sub-franchise were given the green light to produce a Call of Duty game for 2024 following a one-year hiatus from an annual release that will allow for a huge sigh of relief with a much-needed break.

Having been confirmed as the developers for Call of Duty 2024, leaks have already surfaced as to which direction they will be building the game towards, and it looks like Adler, Mason, Woods, and Hudson aren't finished.

Call Of Duty 2024 Leaks Suggest 1990s Background

Succeeding Black Ops Cold War - which concluded in the late 80s - Treyarch's Call of Duty 2024 is reportedly taking place in the 1990s, which indicates that the storylines will continue into a new era of warfare.

Cold War was applauded for its depiction of the 80s through its multiplayer maps and campaign setting, and with a new iconic decade to play with, there's plenty of wiggle room to get creative.

From the 80's neon pop vibes will come the 90s grunge and rock era that was birthed off the back of the "internet age", a huge Hollywood surge in iconic movies, and the beginning of modern fashion, all of which will likely feature in Call of Duty 2024 when the gunfire is put on pause.


Call Of Duty 2024 Could Be Set In The Gulf War

With a suspected 1990s setting, the popular leaker CODMW2Informer believes that we might potentially get a Gulf War conflict portrayal, which will be one of the shortest wars that the franchise will have ever focused on. 

The Gulf War was a major international war that featured over 35 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Australia, and Egypt who all rallied behind the Kuwaiti army as they were invaded by Iraq. Starting in August 1990, the war lasted just six months as Operation Desert Storm ended the conflict in February 1991.

Dubbed the "Video Game War", due to its groundbreaking media approach and on-the-ground coverage as the internet was developing, it could make sense for Treyarch to pay homage to this war in Call of Duty 2024

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