The Mario & GTA crossover that no one asked for is wild

The Mario & GTA crossover that no one asked for is wild
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Joseph Kime


15th May 2023 14:10

As one of the most iconic video game icons of all time, Mario has been all over the place. From his home in Brooklyn in The Super Mario Bros. Movie to the Mushroom Kingdom, to space, through paintings and into the consciousness of a T-Rex, there are few spots untouched by the adventuring plumber's escapades.

The locations of Super Mario games are infinitely iconic thanks to his own adventures and the likes of Mario Kart and Mario Party, and the new home that he has found has become one of the best-known locations in video game history.

So, with that in mind, there's no doubt that players have made attempts to bring him to the other most recognisable spots in the video game world. And for some reason, the one that makes the most sense is in Ganton.

Mario goes to Grove Street in new Mario 64 mod

Modder headshot2017 has come through with a mod for the ages, using a build of GTA: San Andreas to bring Mario to Grove Street.

The mod was recently shared on Twitter to a lot of love from fans. The video features a polygonal Mario, whose visage, voice, and moveset are pulled straight from Super Mario 64. He hops and ground-pounds around Grove Street, getting into trouble with the police and battering unsuspecting NPCs.

It's the bright pop of colour from Mario's overalls set against the grey and grimy San Andreas that makes the mod so funny, with NPCs calling after him after he long-jumps over them, wahoo-ing as he goes.

Not even pistols can stop Mario, as he jump-kicks his assailants with great efficiency. The mod is fantastic and makes us wish Mario was involved in San Andreas in the first place.

How can I play as Mario in GTA: San Andreas?

Mario in GTA San Andreas.jpg
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If you want to take the plumber for a spin in the iconic city yourself, then there's good news. All you need is a copy of San Andreas and the mod itself, which you can download from GitHub right now.

There are few things that are left to touch in the classic GTA game, but it looks like bringing the portly plumber into Los Santos was the last thing left. Now do Sonic, you cowards.

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