Super Mario Movie Just Teased Smash Bros. Cinematic Universe

Super Mario Movie Just Teased Smash Bros. Cinematic Universe
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Joseph Kime


13th Feb 2023 13:30

As Illumination's The Super Mario Bros. Movie approaches, it becomes clearer and clearer that though nerves were high for the team behind Minions taking over the most beloved video game character of all time, it might be… amazing.

Every new teaser and trailer that we've seen has reassured fans that despite the Chris Pratt of it all, we could be in for a treat when we dive down the warp pipe with the titular plumber. The latest teaser has taken a look at his career, too - but it's hiding some secrets.

Super Mario Bros' New Teaser References Sonic And Punch Out

The Super Mario Bros. Movie unveiled a promotional ad for Super Mario Bros Plumbing, the company run by Mario and Luigi. The ad sees them roll a toy version of their van across a map of New York, with the car going from Brooklyn to Queens.

Interestingly, they're not the only locations that you can spot on the map. As pointed out by Twitter user St. Nick, among the other markers is Mushroom Planet.

Though you might immediately expect this to be some kind of reference to Mario, it's a name related to the Sonic series. In 2020's Sonic the Hedgehog movie, it's where Dr Robotnik (Jim Carrey) was marooned. 

Plus, there's another marker on the map that simply reads "Punch Out" - presumably in reference to the fighting title of the same name.

Many fans have come together to wonder what this means for the future of a universe of video game movies set in the same universe. While there's every chance it could be on the way, we're also hoping for a Smash Bros. crossover movie.

Is There A Nintendo Cinematic Universe?

The implications of these zones could be minimal, and these easter eggs imply that the rest of the film is peppered with sneaky references.

Optimists among us think it could also be a suggestion that more video game properties will get their own movies under Illumination's banner. Remember, we're already heard about a Donkey Kong spin-off and hopes of one for Luigi's Mansion

While more movies are always a good thing, we tend to get lost in the idea that movie multiverses and interconnected universes are the new normal. Sometimes, it's okay to accept that this should be standalone. It'd be nice to have a movie that's just a movie, after all.

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