The Last Of Us Remake Looks Like A Live-Action Series, According To Fans

The Last Of Us Remake Looks Like A Live-Action Series, According To Fans
Images via HBO | Naughty Dog

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Tom Chapman


15th Jun 2022 14:39

It's been nearly a decade since we were introduced to the Cordyceps infection and Sarah Miller kicked the bucket in The Last of Us prologue. Since then, we've had a sequel, spin-offs, comic books, and an upcoming TV series. If that wasn't enough, Naughty Dog is working on The Last of Us remake to remind us what made the OG so great.

Up there with the Resident Evil 4 remake, a return to 2013's The Last of Us was one of the worst-kept gaming secrets of all time. The trailer even leaked before Summer Game Fest - leaving an embarrassed Neil Druckmann to make an underwhelming announcement. While critics are already asking why we need a The Last of Us remake, some impressive visuals have shown what's on the way.

What Does The Last Of Us Remake Look Like?

Since The Last of Us remake trailer first started doing the rounds, supporters and cynics alike have been creating side-by-side videos to see how much has really changed. You might remember The Last of Us Remastered released in 2014, and although it came to the PS4, didn't do that much to improve things.

Now, Naughty Dog has shown off a souped-up Tess. The character is remembered as Joel's girlfriend in the apocalypse, but from the looks of the remake, it's like a completely different character. A more adult version of Tess fits with an equally grizzled Joel to fit with the time jump of 20 years between the prologue and main story.

Others were blown away by this new Tess, and in particular, her likeness to character model Annie Wersching. One fan simply wrote, "The remake looks live action," which is good news because Craig Mazin's live-action series looked like it's following the games closely. Someone else said, "At first glimpse i thought the footage from the remake was real life lmao. Im loving the new look. They're so human. And ppl who say it looks bad are blinded by nostalgia." A third joked, "How do dead people glow up? Nuclear radiation?"


How Much Does The Last Of Us Remake Cost?

Sony and Naughty Dog have confirmed that this originally PlayStation 5 exclusive will launch on the new-gen console on September 2, 2022, with a PC release planned for a later date. Naughty Dog has reiterated that this isn't a simple lick of paint. The Last of Us Part I has been rebuilt from the ground up for the PS5 to overhaul characters, environments, and gameplay. Well, a lot has changed in terms of console capabilities since 2013.

Not everyone is sold though, there have been the usual complaints that The Last of Us remaster will cost $70 for a game we've already seen get released twice before. If the Digital Deluxe edition taking more of your money wasn't enough, there's the Firefly Edition that costs $99.99 and adds a steelbook and new cover art. A hefty price tag has only added to the Twitterverse divide between those who love the new aesthetic and those who claim you're "blind" if you think it looks any different. Still, did that stop you all from buying GTA V Expanded & Enhanced?

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