The Last Of Us Fortnite Crossover Rumour Cleared Up By Naughty Dog Boss

The Last Of Us Fortnite Crossover Rumour Cleared Up By Naughty Dog Boss
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Joseph Kime


25th Jul 2022 08:57

Hype for The Last Of Us has reached new heights, but equally, there's a lot of scepticism surrounding the series right now. After a few leaks revealed the upcoming remake's gameplay, a lot of fans are vocally upset that the animations of The Last of Us Part I's combat is the same as the main game.

The claims of regurgitation have been hotly contested on Reddit and Twitter alike, and it's drawing a line down the fanbase right now - so there are hopes that an official reveal can tidy it all up again.

Still, The Last of Us is considered one of the best in the history of the interactive medium, and little can be done to sully that - though some reckon that crossovers could manage it. And, thankfully for some, the boss of Naughty Dog has confirmed that one crossover simply isn't happening.

Is The Last Of Us Coming To Fortnite?

Sorry, team, it looks like cranking 90s as Joel is just another dream. Rumours and 'leaks' have been circulating that the characters we know and love from The Last of Us could be making their way to the island to hop out of the battle bus in Fortnite. Now, it has been confirmed by none other than Naughty Dog boss Neil Druckmann that it won't be coming. 

Taking to Twitter and replying to a tweet by Fortnite leaker Shiina which has now been deleted (we'd probably be that embarrassed too), Druckmann has shot down the idea. "Love me some Fortnite… but there are no plans for this," he says, referencing the crossover. "False rumour." It's a shame, really. After all, there was a lot of potential for a golf club harvesting tool. Sorry, was that a bit dark?


When Is The Last Of Us Part I Coming Out?

We might not be throwing boogie bombs as Ellie any time soon, but at the very least, we're getting a brand-new way to experience the story that introduced us to her, completely rebuilt for the PS5.

The Last of Us Part I is launching on September 2 2022, so we've still got a little time to psych ourselves up for absolute heartbreak all over again. It's a shame for some and a relief for others that The Last of Us won't be coming to Fortnite, but one thing is for certain - and it's that Neil Druckmann clearly isn't taking any prisoners with leakers.

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