Gamers Unhappy With The Last Of Us Remake After Leaked Footage

Gamers Unhappy With The Last Of Us Remake After Leaked Footage
Images: Naughty Dog

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Joseph Kime


21st Jul 2022 09:23

Though we expected it at some point, the reveal of The Last Of Us Part I was still a massive surprise. At least, it was when it leaked before Summer Game Fest.

The return of Ellie and Joel has long been predicted, but a release date for this year really pulled the rug out from under fans, meaning that there will be a new way to experience one of the greatest narratives ever put to the medium by the year's end. After The Last Of Us Part II proved just how far game development can go to create breathtaking experiences, it's certainly welcome, and though some far are confused as to why we need a remake so soon after the release of the game's PS4 remaster, others are clamouring to throw their money at Naughty Dog.

But some new leaks threaten to change a lot of fans' minds.

The Last Of Us Part I Footage Has Leaked

Courtesy of Twitter leaker Shpeshal Nick, we've got a look at the new refreshed combat coming to The Last Of Us Part I. Though this might seem like par for the course, this is particularly exciting, as this is our first look at the new combat system that was improved for The Last Of Us Part II, implemented into this new version of Joel and Ellie's adventure.

The footage shared to Streamable shows Joel facing off against human adversaries with Ellie in tow, using the Hunting Rifle to pick off baddies as he darts around the playable area. The game looks about as fantastic as we've come to expect after the game's launch trailer - but some fans don't seem to agree.

TLOU Fans Slate New Footage

Some fans are deeply disappointed by the new footage that has been unearthed elsewhere, suggesting that the animations are simply the same, and that this isn't good enough from a AAA reboot.


Truth be told, we're not sure that a fresh beat-with-a-4x4 animation would enhance the gameplay all that month - but either way, some fans seem to think otherwise. Here's hoping that the game isn't too similar to the game it's actually remaking, lest they face the notorious gamer rage.

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