The Last of Us creator ‘confirms’ Season 3 at HBO

The Last of Us creator ‘confirms’ Season 3 at HBO

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Tom Chapman


13th Mar 2023 17:17

The writing was already on the fungus-covered wall, but now, it looks like we've got our first real confirmation that HBO's The Last of Us will run for at least three seasons as the network.

Looking back, it's wild to think some of us were worried the guy behind Chernobyl and the Game Director of Naughty Dog's The Last of Us wouldn't be able to nail a video game adaptation.

The Last of Us Season 1 has broken records across the board, which means Pedro Pascal has never starred in a TV series with less than 89% on Rotten Tomatoes and was quickly commissioned for Season 2. However, we know it (probably) won't be the end of the road.

Is The Last of Us season 3 on the way? 

The Last of Us HBO Season 3
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Naughty Dog

While Pascal has given a disappointing update that hints The Last of Us Season 2 might not even film this year, rest assured that the hit series should be on our screens for a while longer.

We already covered how co-creator Neil Druckmann had hinted at Season 3 thanks to the sheer size of 2020's The Last of Us Part II, and now, he's pretty much confirmed it in an interview with GQ

Discussing all things TLoU after that bullet-riddled finale, showrunner Craig Mazin said, "No. No way," when asked whether Season 2 would encompass all of Part 2. Druckman then added, "It's more than one season."

So, assuming HBO doesn't drop the ball in Season 2, it looks like The Last of Us Season 3 is confirmed. But what did we expect? Many agree that while Season 1 was nearly perfect, things were slightly rushed to get Episode 9 to line up with the last beats of the game.

Could The Last of Us Season 4 conclude the series? 

Mazin has said, "I don't have any interest in a spinning-plates-go-on-forever show," suggesting that things won't be dragged out forever. Still, there are a few raised eyebrows about a mythical The Last of Us Season 4.

When grilling the dynamic duo about how many seasons it will take to give The Last of Us Part 2 justice, GQ asked whether it'll take two or three. 

Mazin cryptically responded, "You have noted correctly that we will not say how many. But more than one is factually correct." This means The Last of Us Season 4 isn't entirely off the table.

Getting the final word, Druckmann concluded, "Some of the stuff I'm most excited for [in Part 2] are the changes we've discussed and seeing the story come to life again in this other version. And I think it's exciting because it leans into those feelings you had from the game, really heavily, in a new way."

Beyond that, who knows if we can milk The Last of Us for more or if it should shuffle off to the grave like a Cordyceps-infected Bloater.

Druckmann won't commit to The Last of Us Part 3, while the series team have promised they won't go beyond the games. If we are going to get a live-action adaptation of the third game, it could be a very long way off. 

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