HBO Confirms The Last Of Us Season 2

HBO Confirms The Last Of Us Season 2
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Joseph Kime


27th Jan 2023 17:19

The Last of Us has only been with us for two episodes, and already, it's showing other video game adaptations exactly how it's done.

The show - led by Bella Ramsay and Pedro Pascal as Ellie and Joel - is proving that the narrative of the 2013 game was more than enough to carry itself into live-action, and that the clicker-packed action could serve as a draw, with the show breaking HBO records across the board.

While we've been enjoying it, though, fans have been wondering what could be next for the show. Will there be a second season? Will it follow the events of The Last of Us Part II? Could it pull a Game of Thrones and sail past the source material?

Well, now, it looks like we're closer to knowing what's next.

HBO Confirms The Last Of Us Season 2

In a surprise twist, and only a couple of episodes into its first season, it has been officially confirmed that HBO's The Last of Us series will return for a second series.

The news was announced in a promo video on HBO's official Twitter account, which promises, "The journey continues."

It's pretty stunning that HBO would make this announcement so soon into the first season - but it's hard to fault them for it, given the massive hype that has propelled the show, and the remarkable sales numbers that the show has boasted so far.

But, one question still remains.

Will The Last Of Us Season 2 Be The Last Of Us Part II?

There is no word yet on if the series will be following the events of The Last of Us Part II, as the game takes place many years after the events of the first game, so we're just going to have to wait and see how the team plan it out.

The most popular theory is that HBO would recast its lead role in Ellie, as it would be one hell of a wait for her to age into the older Ellie we see in the game. In fact, the show might not even follow the controversial game at all, and focus on some new characters, something that the current series is gearing up to do.

Whatever happens, we know this - The Last of Us is already huge, as it deserves to be, and we're immensely lucky to see the game unfold in live-action with such quality. Whatever comes next, controversial or not, we know one thing for certain - it's going to be a big deal. Bring it on.

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