Neil Druckmann Teases The Last Of Us Season 3 At HBO

Neil Druckmann Teases The Last Of Us Season 3 At HBO

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Tom Chapman


9th Jan 2023 13:45

Can you hear that clicking from the shadows? It must mean HBO's The Last of Us series is ready for action. The long-awaited adaptation of 2013's video game is finally here. 

Chernobyl's Craig Mazin is attached as showrunner, while Game Director Neil Druckmann will serve as an Executive Producer and has directed his own episode. There are questions about how long it'll run for, and now, we might know.

Will The Last Of Us Run For Three Seasons?

The Last of Us Series
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HBO has been on a bit of a run recently, and with whispers that House of the Dragon could round off its story in four seasons, The Last of Us could be aiming for similar.

Orignally, we assumed that season one would only tell part of The Last of Us, with a potential season two rounding it off before heading into 2020's The Last of Us Part 2. Speaking to, Druckmann implied Part 2's length lends itself to multiple seasons.

"Personally, I don't have a great desire to go beyond what's there currently but I know that the story of the second game is way bigger and far more complicated than the story of the first game which means there's more story to adapt," said Druckmann.

Teasing the future of the series, he added, "So, if folks show up and watch this season of The Last of Us, everybody on our side and on HBO is excited to keep going and tell that story but, again, I'm a believer in endings.

"I don't want to feel like we're suddenly just treading water. I think every episode of television, if you're going to make a television show, it's kind of a crazy, arrogant thing to do, to expect people to watch your show. Every episode has to deliver. Every single one."

When Will The Last Of Us End?

By the sounds of it, the first season will neatly tie off The Last of Us Part I. While it looks like we'll be spending more time pre-outbreak and have new creations like Yellowjackets' Melanie Lynskey, that could all be finished in season one's nine-episode run.

The Last of Us has a massive budget, but assuming season one does well, we're betting it'll be back on our screens sooner than expected. As for the ending, it's good news that Druckmann is trying to avoid the mistakes of Game of Thrones.

The fantasy epic is accused of losing its way when it moved past George R.R. Martin's books, and with Druckmann hesitant to tell too much of a story that hasn't been featured in Naughty Dog's games, we're on track for a faithful adaptation that pushes the envelope just far enough. 

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