The Last Of Part 1 Leak Teases God Of War Skins

The Last Of Part 1 Leak Teases God Of War Skins
Naughty Dog | Sony Santa Monica

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Tom Chapman


24th Aug 2022 15:12

Two giants are coming together, and no, we don't mean Kratos and Odin. With Naughty Dog's The Last of Us Part 1 releasing on September 2, there will apparently be a crossover between the Cordyceps infection and the Ghost of Sparta. That's right, we're getting a The Last of Us and God of War crossover.

Sony has always had an impressive catalogue of exclusives, and although the likes of Tomb RaiderCrash Bandicoot, and Silent Hill have moved to become multi-platform, PlayStation still has plenty under its belt. While God of War and Marvel's Spider-Man have since branched out onto PC, they're still a major reason for fans to pick a PlayStation over Xbox. Now that The Last of Us is getting a new-gen makeover, expect it to fly off the shelves. 

What Is The God Of War And The Last Of Us Crossover?

Before you get too excited, don't expect the winter chapter of The Last of Us Part 1 to suddenly switch locations to the snowy climes of 2018's God of War. Instead, it sounds like Naughty Dog has injected some Sony crossover skins into the world of Ellie and Joel.

Over on Twitter, @NaughtyDogCentral shared a series of outfits for young Ellie. While The Last of Us has carved its own legacy since its debut in 2013, these skins honour some other gaming classics that you might associate with Sony. The account responded to itself and said: "Ellie is ready for Ragnarok," which is a nod to Sony Santa Monica's upcoming God of War Ragnarok

We recently wrote about how modders had put Ellie and Joel in the God of War PC port. With The Last of Us Part 1 also coming to PC at some point, we expect players to return the favour. Speaking of Part 1's PC port, Naughty Dog Developer Jonathan Benainous responded to one fan's questions on Twitter and said: "Glad to hear you're hyped man! PC version should come out a bit later, but very soon after the PS5 release!"


What Other Skins Does The Last Of Us Part 1 Have?

If pretending you can chop down the Infected with the Leviathan Axe doesn't float your boat, what about some other gaming classics? As you can see, these outfits homage everything from oldies like Sly Cooper to more recent releases like Returnal. Our favourite is a nod to another from Naughty Dog's back catalogue, with Ellie wearing some Jak and Daxter goggles.

This sort of content is little more than an Easter egg, but still, it's a fun one that homage's PlayStation's place in the gaming market. You might remember that when Ghost of Tsushima's Ike Island DLC had a hidden God of War quest. Elsewhere, Uncharted 4 had a sneaky The Last of Us Easter egg, meaning a lot of these games can be connected in some way. We'd love to see Ellie dressing as Atreus, but that's probably being saved for The Last of Us Part II's eventual remake. 

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