The battle for The Grotto in Competitive Fortnite: Feat. Tfue, Chap and more

The battle for The Grotto in Competitive Fortnite: Feat. Tfue, Chap and more

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15th Apr 2020 17:00

Fortnite’s latest Champion Series (FNCS) has been full of action. Teams of two fight it out each week for a chance to qualify for the FNCS Finals starting on the 17th of April. To qualify, each team has to perform their best against the top players in the world.

 A major key to success is finding the perfect drop spot. With the map changes in Chapter 2 - Season 2, the new Ghost and Shadow locations have been the main points of contention. These spots are absolutely loaded with loot and whoever claims it is essentially set for the end game.

One spot in particular, The Grotto, has been an incubator of drama. The Grotto offers the mythic minigun along with the usual vault and plethora of heavy snipers, heavy assault rifles and heals. Regardless of a team’s talent, no one wants to take the mythic minigun head-on. It would be a death wish. 

Tfue and Scoped vs. Chap and Av

The NA East region has seen a few notable rivalries develop over this landing spot.

The first happens to be between two Fortnite superstars, Tfue and Chap. During the first week of the FNCS, Tfue and his duo partner, Scoped, were having a difficult time establishing a landing spot. With that, they made the decision to switch things up and do a little experimenting. After stumbling upon The Grotto, they decided that the loot was worth whatever fighting they had to do to earn it.

Unknown to them at first, but Liquid Chap and his duo, MRKN Av, had long-established The Grotto as their spot. As you’d expect, this turned into a battle for The Grotto. Neither team would back down. For fans, this was great. A fierce conflict and storyline began to unfold.

Both Tfue and Chap are known for being vocal. Neither player will keep their mouth shut on a topic and are always outspoken. Pair that with their extremely talented controller partners, and you have a rivalry for the ages.

This feud has already generated some great moments in the qualifying rounds. Once things get serious, AKA the Finals, we can likely expect to see this battle heat up even further.

Fans theorize that the Tfue Chap rivalry is not entirely genuine. Tweets by both parties suggest that it’s all in good fun and the trash talk is light-hearted. However, moments of frustration have certainly reared their head.

Tfue vs. StarvingHustlers 

The second rivalry at The Grotto is much more sincere. And once again, it involves Tfue. Whether he likes it or not, Tfue just can’t stay out of drama.

It all started when the StarvingHustlers’ duo of OopsRekt and Aiden accused Tfue of doxxing and botting them. The StarvingHustlers’ manager made a video calling out Tfue.

Obviously, this gained a lot of attention. Tfue fans were quick to find the bias and errors in the StarvingHustlers’ video. In a twist of events, it appears that OopsRekt and Aiden were actually stream sniping Tfue. Video evidence shows that they were receiving intel on Tfue’s location through Discord chat. 

Additionally, The StarvingHustler’s team was clearly griefing Tfue and Scoped. They made no effort to actually win the game or win the fight. They knew they could not compete. So, they simply did their best to grab the mythic minigun and/or vault key with the intent of hiding it from Tfue and preventing him from getting the loot. This is as clear as it gets when it comes to griefing.

Tfue was HEATED when he saw the StarvingHustlers’ video. He went on an expletive-filled rant, attacking the two players with countless insults. Tfue continued to troll on his Twitter account, pointing out that the StarvingHustler’s team came dead last after contesting them.

There is no love in this rivalry. Both groups of players despise one another. As of now, it looks as if Tfue is in the right. We will see if the StarvingHustlers provide an additional response.

Is the Battle Over?

The drama around The Grotto is just getting started. The FNCS Finals are still yet to come. It will be very interesting to see if these teams all look to defend their spot. Will any of the three duos deviate if things don’t work out? Or will they defend their landing spot to the death? If no one is willing to compromise, it may mean doom for the six players. Fortnite is a game deep in RNG. Any of these three duos could see themselves get unlucky off a drop. One bad game could be detrimental to their hopes. 

Regardless, the drama is certainly making good content for the fans. The community loves it — and is begging for more. Stay tuned here at GGRecon for future updates on the drama and rivalries surrounding The Grotto.


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