Starfield’s pilotable mechs are here… via mods

Starfield’s pilotable mechs are here… via mods
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4th Jan 2024 11:48

2024 is getting off to a stomping start, as pilotable mechs are finally in Starfield. Bethesda's sci-fi favourite had something of a lukewarm launch last year, failing to live up to the hype of being the studio's first new IP in over a quarter of a century. Thankfully, Starfield is a star on the rise.

Bethesda has promised official updates will start rolling out every six weeks starting in February, offering a vendor overhaul, survival mechanics, and new ways to travel in a beefy 2024 roadmap. Those new ways to traverse the map remain unclear, but while we wait, fans have created their own moving mechs.

Starfield gets pilotable mechs

With Bethesda busy trying to turn around Starfield's reputation before it gets marooned in space, it makes sense that modders have got the jump on doing what the team can't right now. As reported by PC Gamer, YouTuber Jared Kohr has showcased a work-in-progress mech mod. 

The original work is credited to modder m150, but in the video, Jared Kohr can be seen stomping around the surface of a barren planet. There's also an impressive weapon arsenal, although it's occasionally a little glitchy. 

There's plenty more to be done, with hopes of improved visibility and HUD, as well as the tantalising potential of a first-person camera view. Either way, we hope someone from Bethesda is taking note and realising that players are desperate to climb inside those rockin' robots. 

The mech mystery

Starfield museum mech
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The status of Starfield's mechs is an unusual one. These giant robots were clearly integral in the Colony Wars that took place prior to the events of the games, an animated trailer featured them heavily, and there are plenty of abandoned suits littering the surface of planets, so what gives?

Mechs are currently out of order due to a post-war ban, however, the ability to actually pilot them screams out for the the upcoming Shattered Space DLC. We know at least one Starfield DLC is on the way, and with Bethesda's Todd Howard saying he hopes it'll be the next Syrim and run for a decade, plenty more could be on the way. 

Some have been taking a leaf out of Tears of the Kingdom's book and taken to building their own Gundam-inspired mechs from the bits of ships, but these mods are the closest we've got to blasting alien scum like we're Ellen Ripley in Aliens. 

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