Starfield is finally back on top after ‘game-changing’ update

Starfield is finally back on top after ‘game-changing’ update
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20th May 2024 13:18

We knew it was too early to write off Starfield, and with Bethesda just dropping a 'game-changing' update, the sci-fi explorer could be bracing itself for something of a Cyberpunk-inspired resurgence. Although Starfield is still a long way from living up to its hype as the next Skyrim, it's moving in the right direction. 

Starfield and Cyberpunk had rough launches, but with the latter finally firing on all cylinders following its Phantom Liberty update, there are high hopes that Starfield can follow in its footsteps with the upcoming Shattered Space DLC. Signs are already looking positive, with Starfield being a game on the go. 

Starfield is on the rise

As noted by fans on the Starfield subreddit, it recently peaked with 12,000 concurrent players - a high not seen since January. If you look at SteamDB, Starfield has failed to crack into the Top 10 trending games, but still, a boost to the player count is sure to be a sigh of relief for Bethesda. 

We're also a long way from its all-time peak of 330,723, but any positivity is good for the game. Reddit notes that Steam reviews are actually on their way up for the first time since launch. It all comes alongside the Update 1.11.36 for Starfield, which allowed Xbox players to hit 60 FPS on a console. 

There's also the much-requested addition of improved surface maps, new difficulty, and an interior ship design mode that expands the already impressive shipbuilding system. Over on Steam, reviews are still mixed, however, one recent review that says, "Amazing and getting better all the time," sums up Starfield's current state.

Players are flocking back to Starfield

Starfield ship fight
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Fans are gearing up for the Shattered Space DLC, and it's here that we really expect Starfield to soar. One sceptic said, "I'm fairly certain it won't be until Shattered Space before we see any noteworthy kinda peak for Starfield.

"The recent update although small was the first gameplay focused update, so naturally it has been receiving a lot of attention. I doubt we'll see a rising trend just yet. It'll be up to the DLC and a potential big gameplay update (vehicles and more?) to really get things moving."

Bethesda games are notoriously buggy, but with Starfield being the developer's first new IP in a quarter of a century, many expected more. The internet is currently flooded with articles saying the likes of, "I was wrong about Starfield, and while we're not yet at Cyberpunk resurgence levels, it's clear Bethesda is reaching for the stars. 

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