Bethesda takes a hit as Starfield ratings continue to tumble

Bethesda takes a hit as Starfield ratings continue to tumble

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Tom Chapman


26th Dec 2023 11:49

Oh, it was all supposed to be going so well, wasn't it? Despite being pitched as Bethesda's next big thing, it's fair to say that Starfield underperformed for many. In a year that was populated by so many Goliaths of gaming, the sci-fi explorer failed to make much of a mark - famously being 'snubbed' at The Game Awards.

Given that Bethesda is known for powerhouse franchises like Fallout and The Elder Scrolls, there were high hopes that Starfield would be another jewel in the crown. Sadly, Starfield didn't quite launch as "Skyrim in space," with everything from glitches to tumbling player counts taking the shine off the stars.

Starfield takes a hit on Steam

Starfield Steam reviews
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Starfield has now set another unfortunate record for itself, slipping into the "mostly negative" category on Steam. Of the 132,408 reviews, there are 48,098 that are negative. Some of these unfortunately come from haters who decided to trash the game for the sake of trashing it, but among them, there are genuine ones.

With Starfield currently on sale for 30% off on Steam, it's clear some of you have been snapping it up as a Christmas present to yourselves. When you look at the recent reviews, it paints a grim picture of the title's current form. On December 25, there were a whopping 245 negative reviews.

One reads, "Fallout 4 in space, but worse in every way," while another says, "Just buy Cyberpunk." A third scathing review grumbles, "The game lacks any spark, magic, or joy found in their earlier games. It is as flavorful as Styrofoam. Its blandness is honestly amazing." Hardly fun reading for Bethesda.

The future's bright for Starfield

Starfield concept art
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Thankfully, there's a silver lining out there in the cosmos. Bethesda has announced an impressive Starfield roadmap for 2024, with updates rolling out every six weeks. Alongside new ways to travel and an overhaul of the questionable vendor marketplace, there are new survival mechanics - giving hope to a new kind of game.

The writing is on the wall for Starfield right now, and much like CD Projekt Red managed to turn it around with Cyberpunk 2077, the next year is crucial. Bethesda's Todd Howard said he wanted Starfield to be the next Skyrim and be popular for the next decade, but unless it gets some much-needed CPR, the game is in danger of being lost in space. 

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