Starfield DLC player wish list includes space stations and an Alien collab

Starfield DLC player wish list includes space stations and an Alien collab
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Joseph Kime


15th Sep 2023 16:55

Starfield has been out for a good time now, and fans are still lapping up all of the adventures that await them among the stars.

Many still have a wealth to see and discover in Starfield, while the most dedicated players have already seen the game through and toppled its narrative. They're now waiting for whatever comes next in fresh updates.

Call it impatience or call it a mere speedy adventure, but players are ready for the next chapter - and they’re coming together to discuss what they want next from a Starfield DLC. 

Players want an Alien mission in Starfield

Taking to Reddit, Starfield fanatics have begun to discuss what it is that they want from the future of Bethesda's sci-fi favourite, and many reckon that the chance to have their own Alien moment would be a treat.

"I really want space station construction," says one user. "For a game where humanity is a group of space refugees with few habitable planets and terrormorphs popping up everywhere space stations are a cool way to expand vertically."

Another user sees this as an opportunity, adding how it "would also make for a cool Alien-inspired quest. You return to your space station to unload some loot and all of a sudden the alarms start ringing... There's a unique terrormorph on board and you have to hunt it down and rescue your crew."

Others have pointed out that a similar mission is out there in the game, but to be infested by a giant beast on your own ship… that’s a recipe for pure terror.

Fans are excited for more Starfield

A pilot in a ship's cockpit in Starfield.
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"Ripping off The Thing/Among Us would be cool too for a side quest, although it doesn’t seem like anything like that (mind control/shape shifting) exists in universe at the moment," says one player, who reckons that a space mystery could be just the ticket.

"I would like to see a kind of Gold Rush scenario, where a few newly discovered Worlds in a system hold some unique resource," says another comment. "As a player you would arrive there, help fight off pirates and aid in the construction of settlements."

We know the Starfield Shattered Space DLC will be the first leaving port. With Skyrim dishing up its first DLC just a few months after launch, we could be playing Shattered Space by Christmas. Either way, there are high hopes it could include drivable mechs to give us a taste of Titanfall. 

The possibilities are frankly pretty endless when it comes to Starfield DLCs, and we know Shattered Space is just the start. Whatever is next, we imagine it's going to be just as solid as the core game. Either that or someone will mod those dream features in.

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