Tears of the Kingdom site shows how you to build all those amazing mechs

Tears of the Kingdom site shows how you to build all those amazing mechs
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18th May 2023 13:03

Who knew that 2023's The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom would play out like a Gundam and Armored Core crossover? The latest entry in the Zelda series might be massive, but it's not that big you won't notice giant mechs walking around Hyrule. 

Although we don't imagine Nintendo imagined (or wanted) Tears of the Kingdom to go viral for Korok torture or enemies being bludgeoned to death with giant penises, this is the hand we've been dealt. Amidst all this horseplay, some genuinely impressive builds could help you beat the game with ease.

Zelda fan site shows you how to build mechs

As reported by Kotaku, there's a place that shows you how to try and replicate the mech madness of Tears for yourselves. The brilliant brainwave of Daniel Luu, Zeldabuilds.gg shows you what you'll need to become your own Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger.

Although there aren't a tonne of builds on there, you can see the likes of a Korok cannon to help return them to their pals easier, a skateboard to get around a little easier, and a "Block Tank" that will come in handy against larger foes. 

Explaining why he built the repository, Luu told the site, "I love building games and the creativity they spark in people..."I wanted a central place where I could see everyone's amazing creations and learn how they made them!"

He continued, "It's actually incredible how Nintendo was able to not only meet but far exceed everyone's expectations. It's pretty much all I've been playing in my free time." Even though ZeldaBuilds.gg is still pretty limited, it's adding new builds all the time. Luu has also just implemented step-by-step instructions.

Mechs are taking over Tears of the Kingdom


My macross F in Zelda tears of the kingdom#zelda #tearsofthekingdom #switchgames

♬ 原聲 - SoulBanana

As for what's next, Luu added, "I'm always taking suggestions from the community. A few features on deck are adding your own YouTube video preview and a map of Zonai Dispeners and what devices you get from them." Despite all of this, Luu himself admits he's only "built some pretty basic creations."

Viral clips are everywhere right now, as rockin' robots are making light work of even the hardest enemies. Fire Gleeoks are no match for Zonai beam emitters being used as pressure washers, while others are taking to the skies in giant winged beasts to make light work of elemental dragons.

TikTok user SoulBanana0 has become the master of crafting Macross-inspired creations that leaves jaws on the floor. With some critics saying Tears of the Kingdom is "too hard," it's no match for the creativity of some players. We're not sure what Nintendo would have to say about Tears' mech makeover, but we're here for it.

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