New mod makes Starfield a survival game

New mod makes Starfield a survival game
Images via Bethesda

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Lloyd Coombes


17th Nov 2023 16:40

Starfield may have been snubbed for Game of the Year at the Game Awards, but Bethesda's huge RPG still pulls in the players, whether they're exploring, pirating, or anything in between.

As with prior Bethesda Game Studios titles, there's a huge community of modders looking to tweak and adjust parts of the game or even add on whole new ideas. Now, the latest big mod adds an entire survival system to Starfield. 

Starvival makes Starfield a survival game

Starvival mod screenshot
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Courtesy of lKocMoHaBTl

Picking up from a lineage of Skyrim survival mods, the aptly named 'Starvival - Immersive Survival Addon' adds a new NEEDS mechanic. You can find it on Nexus Mods.

Developer lKocMoHaBTl notes that it "provides a fully working NEEDS mechanic with stages, new addictions and full list of other complimentary features."

"Consider to prepare thoroughly, Starborn!" it jokes, but there's nothing funny about what it adds. Players will need to find and consume food throughout their journeys and drink fluids while they venture through the stars.

You'll also need to rest regularly, and failure to satisfy any of those three pillars will drop a debuff or two on you.

The Starfield survival mod will keep evolving

Starvival mod
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Nexus Mods

lKocMoHaBTl is continually tuning the mod, with it now on version 1.2 as of November 16, and it'll be fascinating to see how many Constellation members gravitate towards its unforgiving nature.

I've enjoyed Starfield, but the thought of any other systems to tackle on top of what's already there, especially with its clunky inventory, makes me a little hesitant - no Starvival for me, then.

Our reviewer gave Starfield a 4/5 star rating, noting that "not all of its features work out but most do, and the control you have over your journey makes it an excellent trip all the same."

In other survival game news, Ark: Survival Ascended has been delayed on Xbox - despite supposedly launching this week.

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