Starfield & Spider-Man 2 debate reaches new low as players compare in-game butts

Starfield & Spider-Man 2 debate reaches new low as players compare in-game butts
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Tom Chapman


26th Oct 2023 12:13

If Xbots and Sony Ponies love one thing, it's a good row about why their console is superior. Just when you think the console wars are dying down a bit, along comes the Activision Blizzard deal, not to mention the release of first-party exclusives like Starfield and Spider-Man 2.

It's been a massive year for video games, and as the big three of Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony raise their banners proudly, it's Tears of the Kingdom versus Starfield versus Spider-Man 2. The latter two are locked in a bitter feud that's not of their own making, with Starfield and Spidey stans fiercely laying into their rival.

It's Starfield vs. Spider-Man 2

When Starfield launched in September, we saw venomous PlayStation players bemoaning those typical Bethesda glitches, as well as complaints of "empty" planets and graphical disappointments. The Green Team returned the favour in October, with Spider-Man 2 being dragged amidst complaints of a short runtime and repeating NPCs.

Most of us can appreciate that you can enjoy Starfield and Spider-Man 2 without having to draw blood from anyone who dares boot up the other, but for others, you must pick a side, and you must stick to it. Now, desperate haters are arguing over the size of in-game butts to try and assert dominance.

A bizarre (but hilarious) tweet appeared online, with someone comparing the behinds of Spider-Man 2's Mary Jane Watson to Starfield's Andreja. Andreja is a little more well-endowed than MJ in the shot, but seriously, who is out there measuring these things? Also, it appears there's more to the story.

The 'butt' of the joke

We love a good Community Note on Twitter, with the OP apparently being outed for using mods to enhance the side of Andreja's butt. If that wasn't enough, they've been royally cooked in the comments. One critic wrote, "This is pathetic on so many levels my god 😭."

Another added, "I prefer games for their gameplay and story, I’m not really bothered about looking at pixelated ass because I have the confidence to talk to women in the real world!" Someone concluded, "Because the quality of the game is based on how many times you can jerk-off to a female characters butt. That makes sense." 

Whether the original post was made in jest or they were actually trying to prove a point, it suggests we haven't come as far as we'd hoped from people ogling the triangular breasts of Lara Croft or beating up prostitutes in GTA

Still, we have a strange obsession with assess in video games, from nerfing Warios to nerfing Pyramid Head's, you were also obsessed with Nightwing's butt in Gotham Nights. No offence, but some of you really need to head outside and touch grass. 

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