Starfield is rewarding its horniest players

Starfield is rewarding its horniest players
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6th Sep 2023 14:06

You sure do love knocking space boots, don't you? 2023 is the year of the horny gamer, and if you thought Baldur's Gate 3 letting you f*ck a bear was bad enough, you ain't seen nothing yet. Alongside "19 inches of Venom" from Spider-Man 2, you can strap in and feel the zero gs with Starifeld

As with any Bethesda game, relationships are at its core. Whether that be a loyal canine companion for the wasteland of Fallout, or catching a peek at elf boob in Skyrim, the developer makes sure there's always someone by your side. But, what about when things escalate to the next level, and you want to get steamy in the stars?

Starfield has a secret sex XP farm

Starfield is only just blasting off, and already, some of you have jettisoned your cargo (if you catch our drift). Before the sci-fi favourite came out, we'd heard a lot about jetpack sex, and now that Starfield is unleashed to all, we know a little more about how its anatomy works.

As pointed out on Reddit, Starfield sex has an unexpected XP boost, with players earning an extra 15% when they get "intimate" with a companion. The "Emotional Security" buff lasts for 24 minutes and is similar to the 10% buff you get from being well-rested. Basically, you'll get an extra 5% if you share a bed. 

There are already plenty of ways to farm XP in Starfield, with basics like finding planets and killing enemies, or more nefarious ways like glitches that let you farm infinite credits. In terms of making yourselves a badass space cowboy, getting a buff from being in the buff is sure to come in handy. 

Starfield players can't wait to get busy in space

Starfield Sarah Morgan companion romance
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Like with previous Bethesda games, you can't romance everyone. Starfield limits you to Sarah Morgan, Sam Coe, Barrett, and Andreja from Constellation, with Coe particularly becoming a viral piece of eye candy for many. Specific missions trigger their romance options, and you'll have to cater your dialogue to their likes and dislikes.

As for getting it on in the cold abyss of space, Starfield players have their own thoughts on fogging up your spacesuits. One joked, "Holy sh*t I kept dismissing everyone because I made bad decisions but now I’m gonna go get my f**k on."

Another added, "And we thought Mass Effect was promoting in game horniness...," while a third made a joke about raunchier mods "cumming" soon. Others were only just realising you can romance your companions, with many moaning that they've been friend-zoned by Sarah. 

We know that Starfield might not be as passionate between the sheets as something like Baldur's Gate 3, but with its first mod being sex-related, and a constellation of others coming in its wake, we imagine it won't be long before you're practising the space Kama Sutra with the Blob People of the planet Perseus 57.

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