Starfield infinite credit glitch makes you rich

Starfield infinite credit glitch makes you rich
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Tom Chapman


7th Sep 2023 13:00

Exploring the cosmos can be an expensive pastime, and although we're only just firing up our thrusters in Starfield, that's already obvious. Whether it be sandwiches threatening to topple the economy or smuggling drugs to earn a bit extra on the side, Starfield credits are at the very core of the game's infrastructure.

We've only scratched the surface of Bethesda's sprawling galaxy, but as the developer of mega franchises like Fallout and The Elder Scrolls, you can bet there's a lot still to be discovered on those 1,000 planets. It wouldn't be a Bethesda game without an infinite money glitch, and boy howdy, Starfield has a doozy. 

Starfield infinite credit glitch makes getting rich easy

It seems that if it ain't broke (well it is), don't fix it. Starfield's infinite credit glitch apparently works in the same way as Skyrim's gold glitch. As pointed out by YouTune vNivara, the infinite credit glitch lets you rob vendors and earn up to 72k each time.

To pull off the Starfield infinite credit glitch, head to New Atlantis' commercial district, crossing the da,  and squeeze through some gaps to get above the map before dropping beneath. Once you have clipped beneath your map, head back to the vendors' shops, and you can rob their chests beneath the buildings. 

You want to aim for the ship services technician, who has the motherload 72k, although bear in mind you can repeat the Starfield infinite credit glitch after 48 hours of in-game time have passed. Remember that you'll need a Power Boost Pack to fly in the air, as well as the Boost Pack Training skill at Rank 2 to conserve fuel.

Starfield spacesuit glitch gets you the game's best

As with any AAA release, there are a few gremlins in the system. Knowing this is a Bethesda game, there are a fair few, although they're largely limited to characters' heads being on back to front in conversations and the occasional NPC clipping into a ceiling.

On the plus side, there's a handy Starfield spacesuit glitch that Patrick Maka pointed out. If you go down into the basement of the Constellation Headquarters, you'll see the Mark I Spacesuit behind a glass cabinet. Simply look through a gap in the glass and you can bypass the master lock to nab it, the helmet, and boost pack.

As well as boasting Constellation-themed armor, the Mark I has some of the best early-game physical, energy, and electromagnetic damage resistance, meaning it's well worth getting. If that wasn't enough, it can be modified and add impressive perks like Regeneration as well as being a solid start.

We always knew there would be Starfield glitches, but if they make us the richest and best-dressed in the galaxy, we say keep them rolling in. If we were you, we'd make the most of them before Bethesda tries to patch those handy glitches.

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