God of War writer called out for promoting Starfield

God of War writer called out for promoting Starfield
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Tom Chapman


5th Sep 2023 13:25

We always knew the console wars were petty, but now, things are getting out of hand. A bit like saying two people who have opposing football teams shouldn't live together, or segregating dog people from cat people, there are those who genuinely believe you have to be a PlayStation or Xbox fan... nothing in between. 

2023 was always going to be a big year for the console wars, and while no one seemed to mind that Nintendo was off doing its thing with The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, it's Starfield vs. Spider-Man 2 over in the Green and Blue camps. Starfield isn't even fully out yet, and already, we're drawing arms.

God of War's Alanah Pearce called out for playing Starfield

There have been all the usual complaints about certain outlets (naming no names) having a bias toward Sony, while Bethesda itself has been accused of giving codes to certain titles in the hopes of drumming up positive pre-release press. Caught in the crossfire are gamers themselves.

Alanah Pearce is something of a big deal in the industry, and having worked as a journalist for IGN, has since turned her talents to writing for video games, with the likes of God of War Ragnarok under her belt. As Pearce works for Sony Santa Monica Studios, that means some think she can't enjoy Starfield.

Pearce is also known for her streaming talents, and in a recent dive into the expansive world of Starfield, she tried to prove that you could land on planets without using fast travel. That didn't go well - as Pearce travelled to Pluto for seven real-life hours and then clipped through it - but someone had an issue with her playing at all.

Gamers come to Pearce's defence

Starfield Ship fight
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In a scathing tweet, one user demanded that Sony cut ties with Pearce for promoting an Xbox game on a "public platform." You'd hope this would be satire, but as the comments have been locked and it remains up, it suggests that this is someone's genuine opinion on the matter.

Thankfully, most rallied around Pearce and stuck their middle finger to the idea that someone working for a particular side couldn't enjoy the work of another. One simply wrote, "We don't claim you as a PS fan," while another added, "I think you'll find most of them are actually gamers, not pathetic fanboys like yourself."

Someone else pointed out that the OP tagged SSM's Cory Barlog, which is ironic because he tweeted last year that he's "so f*****g excited for Starfield," claiming he's taking time off to play. Devs have a life too, and if Jim Ryan and Phil Spencer can largely put their differences aside for the odd pat on the back, why can't you?

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