Star Wars Star Destroyer build is annihilating Starfield’s FPS

Star Wars Star Destroyer build is annihilating Starfield’s FPS
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Joseph Kime


4th Oct 2023 11:20

When it came to Starfield, perhaps one of the biggest draws for many was the chance to build their own ships. It's given them the chance to create what would become their perfect vessel to pirate, smuggle, and zip across the stars with.

Though the final product of the ship builder is pretty complicated and has scared some fans off, others have taken the immense customisability of it and run with it. Starfield has already become known for creating the biggest and maddest ships they can. Now, there's one new build that's fit to take over the galaxy.

Starfield fan builds entire Star Destroyer



Sharing a true beast of a thing in the Starfield Ships subreddit (which is well worth a trawl in itself), Reddit user DotElectronic7174 has revealed their monstrous vessel for exploring the galaxy. Safe to say, it's worthy of a Sith Lord, and we can imagine Lord Vader sitting behind its controls.

The problem is, that the Starfield Star Destroyer comes in at a whopping 20,796 mass, with 33,280 kg available for cargo. The ship is so beefy that the OP revealed in the comments that it brings the game's normal 60 FPS down to "like 15," truly dragging the game to a halt.

"The thing is slow and some of the turrets sometimes bug out and stop firing," they say in another comment. "It's not practical at all but it was worth it." Star Wars fans are sure to flock to the build and see their game crawl to a snail's pace just so they can channel their inner Vader. 

Fans react to incredible Starfield Star Destroyer

The incredible Star Destroyer parked in New Atlantis.
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Reddit - DotElectronic7174

"You gotta lay out the blueprint for this I want it soooo bad," says one user in the comments, pining for a Star Destroyer themselves. "'My version,'" says another. "No. This IS a star destroyer."

In response to a commenter asking about how it looks when parked up, the OP responded with an image of how the ship looks when it has landed in New Atlantis. It looks like a pretty awkward angle, with the colossal Star Destroyer looming large. 

Up there with someone building a gun-shaped ship or the Magic School Bus, Starfield's Star Destroyer is pretty mad. It's indicative of just how amazing some of these builds can be, and after seeing a few too many Millennium Falcon builds, it makes a nice change. 

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