Please stop making the Millennium Falcon in Starfield

Please stop making the Millennium Falcon in Starfield
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Megan Cooke


4th Sep 2023 16:45

Starfield's ship creator allows players to design and fly their own unique spacecraft.

With the ability to design their spaceship however they want to, players are naturally trying to recreate the Millennium Falcon.

Several players have created functional Millennium Falcon's in Starfield

With the Millennium Falcon being probably the most famous and iconic spaceship ever, it is no surprise that several players have attempted to recreate the vessel within Starfield.

The freighter's unique shape and easily recognisable features meant it was bound to be recreated at some point. But it's been done now. We don't all need to recreate the Millennium Falcon.

Typing the words Starfield and Millennium Falcon into any social media site or search engine brings up several results. Some people are showing off their recreations, some give tutorials on how you can build your own version.

There is an abundance of media showing the iconic vessel being made in the ship creator all over the internet.

The designs are all incredibly impressive. It is immediately recognisable as the Millennium Falcon in almost every single one and it's clear that these Stafield players are very talented at design.

There are so many amazing ships to be designed in Starfield

But while the Millennium Falcon is a very cool spacecraft, it's not the only one out there to recreate. It seems like it would be a shame to view Han Solo's ship as the pinnacle of creative design.

Some users have made some stunning crafts, whether those are from Star Wars, another IP, real life or completely original designs.

One player has recreated NASA's Challenger, another made the Pelican from Halo and, of course, the Enterprise from Star Trek has also been made in the game.

As far as Star Wars goes, there are already attempts at making Y-Wings, X-Wings, a Destroyer and the Ebon Hawk.

Regardless of whether you decide to make the most of Starfield's ship creator tools to live out your dream of flying the Millennium Falcon, pay tribute to a favourite franchise or design something completely new, it is refreshing to have so much creative freedom.

As more people gain access to the game, there is bound to be an influx of impressive designs and it will be a lot of fun seeing what classic and new spacecrafts people are able to create.

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