Someone Turned Elden Ring Into A Silent Hill Horror Game

Someone Turned Elden Ring Into A Silent Hill Horror Game
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Tom Chapman


21st Sep 2022 15:11

At first, you might struggle to connect the dots between FromSoftware's Elden Ring and Konami's Silent Hill, but doing the job for you, one modder has reimagined the Lands Between in the vein that of that tormented town. 

While 2022 was a massive year for gaming - as Elden Ring reinvented the Souls-like genre once again - it'll also be remembered as the year we DIDN'T get a return to Silent Hill. Konami's once-lauded survival horror has laid dormant for the past decade, and while we've heard a lot about remakes and reboots, this year has become another bust. 

What Is The Elden Ring And Silent Hill Crossover?

Twitch speedrunner LilAggy has joined up with modder Matt Gruen (via GamesRadar), as the latter turns the fantasy RPG into its own survival horror. Wrapping the Lands Between in a thick layer of fog, you instantly feel like the Tarnished has been transported to Silent Hill.

Throwing you into a nightmare of your own creation, this setup has turned off the Elden Ring HUD to disorientate you, added the "consecrated snowfield blizzard effect," and randomised enemies. Even if you think you know what's coming in Elden Ring, this will mean you're never sure what sort of foul foe is about to lunge from within the fog.

LilAggy hasn't given the mod a release date, but promises it's "coming soon," in the meantime, you can check him out playing it on his Twitch channel and enjoy all the fun and frights for yourself. LilAggy is known for his FromSoftware speedruns, and we've previously covered when his agonising no-hit challenge run was cut short at the final hurdle. If you want something a little different, LilAggy also bested Dark Souls with poop - yep, you read that right.


Fans React To Elden Hill

Other players loved the idea of giving Elden Ring a horror twist, as one cheered, "Is it now Silent Ring or Elden Hill?" Another added, "Okay now imagine if Radhan suddenly fell from the sky and you just couldn’t see it in the blizzard, that would be awesome." A third said, "You turned Elden ring into Stephen King's: The Mist, " while someone else concluded, "Each passing day I get closer and closer to buying the again so I can play PC mods."

The modding community has been keeping Elden Ring alive, and while its PC release originally fared worse than the console counterparts, it's since gone on to gain a cult following. You might remember the Elden Ring Randomizer making it feel like a whole new game, which is a big win considering that mythical Elden Ring DLC is still nowhere to be found. While we wait for LilAggy to release the mods, it could be time to give Silent Hill another go - well, it's not like a new game is on the way.

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