Elden Ring Randomizer Is Basically Like Playing Elden Ring 2

Elden Ring Randomizer Is Basically Like Playing Elden Ring 2
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Joseph Kime


2nd Jun 2022 08:54

Elden Ring is a massive game that's seemingly endless to some. Even now, players are starting to pack up their knapsacks and leave the Lands Between. Their journey is done after becoming the Elden Lord, and there's little left to do now that the world of FromSoftware's latest behemoth is theirs.

Fans are finding their own ways to keep the game compelling after many of the bosses and tasks have been toppled, and some already seem to feel like their time in Elden Ring is done. But that doesn't actually have to be the case, as a new mod is turning the OG into Elden Ring 2

What Is The Elden Ring Randomizer?

Elden Ring mods are everywhere, but the latest follows the trend of "randomizer" mods. Using it makes the fantasy adventure an entirely different game.

The mod was created by thefifthmatt and gives players the chance to take on the game with an entirely jumbled starting loadout, swapped bosses, changed key item locations, and shifted dropped items from enemies you've killed.

If that wasn't enough to lure you back, the Elden Ring randomizer also comes with a completionist mode that won't let you take on the final boss until you've got all seven great runes. This means the mod practically makes a New Game+ mode that FromSoftware didn't package with the main game. For better or worse.

Elden Ring's Randomizer Was Influenced By Dark Souls

This trend of the randomizer mod has been around for some time, and this particular mod was influenced by HotPocketRemix's Dark Souls Item Randomizer. The type of mod has exploded in popularity over the last few years, with Twitch streamers all over the platform taking them up. Dark Souls might've been the start, but randomizers have peaked with Pokemon.

The trend isn't exclusive to FromSoftware, and it's gradually spreading across the internet and claiming every franchise it can manage. The mod is impressive considering the sheer sum of items found in Elden Ring, and there's no doubt that this is going to kick off a huge wave of hype across Twitch. Get involved before it's the next big thing.

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