No-Hit Elden Ring Speedrun Cut Short At The Final Boss

No-Hit Elden Ring Speedrun Cut Short At The Final Boss
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Tom Chapman


26th May 2022 12:39

In case you haven't realised by now, Elden Ring is hard... like really hard. As some of us have long given up on defeating the Shardbearers and left our copies to gather dust in the corner, gluttons for punishment have tried to make their trek across the Lands Between even more arduous with various Elden Ring speedrun and challenge run quests. Even they come with different tiers of bloodshed.

If completing Dark Souls 3 without taking a step or besting its Demon's Souls with Donkey Kong bongos doesn't float your boat, how about when someone completed 12 Assassin's Creed games without taking damage. There are some weird and wonderful speedruns out there, while no-hit challenge runs are also becoming the norm. One intrepid Tarnished picked up that gauntlet for Elden Ring

What Is The No-Hit Elden Ring Speedrun?

We've seen some pretty sweaty Elden Ring speedruns in our time, but coupling a dash from the Stranded Graveyard to the Erdtree with the caveat that you can't be hit is a truly mind-boggling concept. Step up streamer LilAggy, or should that be Sir LilAggy of Fools? 

LilAggy is an Elden Ring speedrun aficionado and has previously pummelled all 165 of the game's bosses in just eight hours. LilAggy got all the way to the Elden Beast, then posted on Twitter that his internet cut out at the final hurdle. Up until then, he hadn't taken a single hit. In a time when most of us are turned to mush by the Tree Sentinel, it's an amazing feat. 

Even though he managed to get the internet working, he'd taken two hits during the outage, and therefore, stuffed his no-hit run. LilAggy shared a picture of his face from the moment his internet dropped and captioned it simply with "pain." Don't worry LilAggy, we feel you too.


Has Anyone Completed The No-Hit Elden Ring Speedrun? 

The no-hit Elden Ring Speedrun has been completed before, and back in March, GinoMachino claimed the crown. This was then trampled in April when Twitch streamer Seki completed the first no-hit/no damage run, meaning you had to also take fall damage into account. LilAggy is known for his repeated attempts, so we guess he'll be back to tackling a no-hit run and trying to break the record in no time at all. 

Getting so close to the end is what makes LilAggy's ruin so heartbreaking. It's similar to when famed Dark Souls' player The Happy Hob got all the way to the Elden Beast and took a single hit to render their run pointless. Still, that was due to player error, LilAggy's dodgy Wi-Fi is an altogether more infuriating fluke of nature. Oh well, better luck next time.


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