Elden Ring DLC: Is Elden Ring Getting Expansions?

Elden Ring DLC: Is Elden Ring Getting Expansions?
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21st Mar 2022 13:28

Though it's still early in the game's life cycle, many are wondering about the possibility of Elden Ring DLC and what shape it could take. The Lands Between is Elden Ring's huge open-world area, and though it's packed with bosses, dungeons, and secrets to encounter, some are already wondering what comes next. If you need the rundown of all we know about Elden Ring DLC and when it could come, we've got you covered.

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Elden Ring DLC: Is There Any DLC Coming?

Elden Ring DLC
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FromSoftware have not officially announced any Elden Ring DLC yet, but there are already rumours of what might come next, and with the behemoth success that the game is currently seeing, it seems like a no-brainer. Most of the previous Soulsborne titles have received paid DLCs, and even free content after launch, such as PvP arenas, boss rush modes, and new weapons. Due to the sheer number of bosses to fight in Elden Ring, a boss rush mode would be a great implementation, and dataminers have already found evidence of future PvP arenas.

One of these can be found in the north of the Limgrave region, and though it's currently inaccessible, the entire inside has been modelled and can be explored by using the camera, suggesting it could be used in the future. There are more places like this in the game, such as the arena in north Caelid, so there could be a few places made available for combat in the future. 


Every title apart from Demon Soul's and Sekiro have received paid expansions which have added new explorable areas, bosses, quests, and lore to the game. FromSoftware could conceivably add new locations around the existing open world, or let players explore other continents, as some of them can be seen when standing at the edges of the map. 

It's also unknown if Elden Ring lore collaborator George R.R. Martin would be involved in any post-launch content, but there could be a hidden vault full of unused bits and pieces for FromSoftware to take advantage of. Despite the high likelihood that we'll see some more Elden Ring content, we don't have an idea of when it would come. As the game launched early in the year, it's possible it could come before 2022 ends, but it's just as likely to be next year based on our current lack of information.

We'll update this article as more information is revealed about the existence of Elden Ring DLCs or content updates, so don't forget to check back regularly.

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