Screenshots From An Alleged Silent Hill 2 Remake Leak Online

Screenshots From An Alleged Silent Hill 2 Remake Leak Online
Images via Konami

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Tarran Stockton


5th Sep 2022 09:23

The Silent Hill leaks never seem to end, and the latest one relates to the alleged Silent Hill 2 Remake under development by Bloober Team. 

Silent Hill is one of the most acclaimed horror franchises in gaming, but it's seen a huge decline for over ten years now due to a lack of titles and Konami seemingly shelving the series. However, there are always rumours and murmurs of a new entry or two on the horizon, with the most recent leaks referring to a remake of the second game by the Layers of Fear developers Bloober Team.

Screenshots From An Alleged Silent Hill 2 Remake Leak Online

The images of the alleged Silent Hill 2 Remake were posted to Twitter by a freelance journalist called Andrew Marmo, but they credited a user called @alej135 as the originator of the leaks. The three pictures are all extremely low quality, and seem to show gameplay from a third-person over the shoulder perspective. The first two don't illuminate much, apart from the character, who appears to have the trademark green jacket and hair of James Sunderland from the second game. The third is the most obviously Silent Hill, showing a bubble head nurse creeping around a corner, which some fans suggest could be a section from Brookhaven Hospital. 


The leaks were further expanded upon over on the game forum ResetEra, by a frequent user and previous Silent Hill leaker Dusk Golem. They stated, "They're real, but they're not even CLOSE to the final product." before continuing," These are from an internal pitch demo from Bloober before they got greenlit, so it's literally a no budget proof of concept thing rather than a final product, just keep that in mind. Out of everything that could've leaked this isn't actually a what the final game looks like." 

Does This Mean We Could Get A Silent Hill Announcement?

If Dusk Golem is to be believed about the context of the leaked images, they don't reveal much about the current state of the Silent Hill 2 Remake or how far along it is. He did go on to say "I mentioned before Konami was looking for pitches in Summer of 2018," so if Bloober Team were given the go-ahead, the development could be quite far along by now. 

Tokyo Game Show 2022 is also around the corner - set to begin to on September 15 - and Konami have revealed they are holding a 45-minute presentation which is set to include a newly unannounced game. There's no guarantee that Silent Hill will be making a showing here, as there are also rumours of a Metal Gear Solid Remake or remaster, but it's a promising time for Konami to reveal such a project. 

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