Leaked GTA 6 footage shows off 'protagonists' Jason and Lucia

Leaked GTA 6 footage shows off 'protagonists' Jason and Lucia
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Tom Chapman


18th Sep 2023 13:12

It's another day, another Grand Theft Auto leak, with unearthed GTA 6 footage potentially giving us our best look yet at protagonists Jason and Lucia. Hoping to join the hallowed halls of GTA greatness alongside the likes of CJ, Tommy, and Trevor, Jason and Lucia are reportedly a Bonnie and Clyde-inspired double act.

While the silent Claude from GTA 3 was the first real protagonist with a personality, we've since met a kooky cast of ne'er-do-wells ranging from Niko to Michael. Although we've technically had a female protagonist before, the introduction of Lucia is something of a big deal. 

GTA 6 footage shows off Jason and Lucia

Despite Rockstar playing the long game when it comes to teasing GTA 6, a smorgasbord of leaks blew the lid off the game in September 2022. Even though Rockstar itself downplayed the severity of the leak, thousands of screenshots and clips confirmed several long-held rumours.

We're still wading through the various snippers, with loyal leakers regularly unearthing new secrets. This time, an unearthed video from @gta6news_leaks shows a seamless transition between Jason and Lucia, showing how easy it is to swap your playable character in GTA 6. 

Unlike playing as Franklin, Michael, or Trevor for specific missions in GTA V - or the zoom out/in map method to switch - it looks like GTA 6 will let you flip between Jason and Lucia at the press of a button. This suggests smarter NPCs and story changes based on which of the dynamic duo you're playing as. 

Don't believe all the GTA 6 leaks

GTA V women artwork
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The problem is, all these leaks come from what's thought to be a pre-alpha build of GTA 6, meaning a lot has likely changed. That's arguably good news, because it would suggest the final build will be even glossier in terms of graphics and capabilities. 

Despite being from a supposed early build, players love the look of Jason and Lucia, as well as the open-world graphics we've glimpsed so far. Although a popup covers most of the screen, snoops were quick to praise the lighting and weather outside the window. We can only imagine what the finished game will look like.

This closer look at Jason and Lucia joins a deluge of other impressive leaks, with another recent one showcasing a busy nightclub scene with intelligent NPCs. We've already waited a decade for GTA 6, and while the hype is high, it's already looking like one of the most advanced games of all time. Either way, consider us stoked. 

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