Someone Built A Working Halo Rocket Launcher - And It Looks Incredible

Someone Built A Working Halo Rocket Launcher - And It Looks Incredible
343 Industries | YouTube - Jairus Of All

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Joseph Kime


15th Jul 2022 13:15

Of all of the things that make Halo fascinating, its weapons are far and away a standout. To create a first-person shooter with weapons that are practically all fictitious is pretty bold. As far as the immersion of the game goes, the gravity hammers, energy swords, and plasma rifles ground the endless cosmos and interplanetary warfare in a players' mind.

With the intense creativity that fuels these weapons, it's incredibly curious to see such a strange arsenal in real life. Which is probably why the working Halo Rocket Launcher is so mind-blowingly brilliant.

How Has Someone Built A Halo Rocket Launcher?

YouTuber Jairus of All has been engineering video game weapons for some time now, but his most recent project is his most impressive by a wide margin - as he's built a working replica of the game's rocket launcher. Safe to say, it's gigantic.

The SPNKR Rocket Launcher fires model rockets, and its creator can be seen in the video firing them at a huge target. It's a whopper of a weapon too, which looks like an incredibly uncomfortable thing to use.

Luckily, it was no match for Master Chief himself, who walks over the horizon and takes the launcher from its developer to fire it clean into the target. It's an amazing feat of engineering, but frankly, it's an even more impressive feat of aiming. The team using the Halo rocket launcher manages to flub the shot most times - which makes the rocket they finally land even more satisfying.


Has Jairus Built More Video Game Weapons?

It doesn't end here for Jairus when it comes to brilliantly developed weapons, either. He also has a wealth of videos on his channel, developing the Mantis Blades from Cyberpunk 2077 and the Buster Sword from Final Fantasy 7, using both titanium and hexagonal carbon fiber.

His YouTube channel is a treasure trove of nerdy weapons, meaning it's one worth paying attention to. After all, if he's building Halo rocket launchers in his spare time, he's probably going to end up on a military list somewhere.

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