Snoop Dogg Rage Quits Madden In Twitch Stream Blunder

Snoop Dogg Rage Quits Madden In Twitch Stream Blunder

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Tom Chapman


1st Mar 2021 12:24

Is there anything Snoop Dogg (real name Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr.) won't promote? From his time with Snoop Dogg's Father Hood or Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party, popping up at the Super Bowl to those earworm Just Eat adverts, the rapper has done it all. Away from hits like "Drop Like It's Hot" and "What's My Name", D-O-double G has also appeared in numerous movies, TV shows, and video games. Snoop is an avid gamer, and just like any of us, is prone to losing his rag.

Appearing in True Crime: Streets of LACall of Duty: Ghosts, and Madden NFL 20, Snoop is no stranger to lending his likeness to video games. In a recent match of Madden, he's seen flipping out and rage quitting just 15 minutes into a planned stream. Making the situation even more embarrassing, he then proceeded to storm off and leave his stream running - for another seven hours!. 


Why did Snoop Dogg rage quit? 

Streaming to fans as part of his "Sit Back, Relax, and Chill its a vibe in here" stream, the 49-year-old played some Madden NFL 21. Things didn't start off well, and after just 10 minutes, Snoop's team was down 14 points. Things escalated when his rival scored another touchdown - forcing him to flip out in truly epic style. With the score at 21-0, Snoop threw down his controller, threw in the towel, and walked away. The thing is, he forgot to turn his stream off.

An outraged Snoop vented, "F**k this s**t man, I came in this room and everything went bad". Admitting early defeat, he shouted, "F**k this s**t", and promptly left the room. The next seven hours were made up of viewers (who stuck with the stream) staring at an empty chair and a green wall. Ah Snoop, you sure know how to keep us entertained. As you can imagine, the brief period he was actually streaming for was made up of plenty of expletives. 

Of course, Snoop's foul-mouthed tirade has gone viral and racked up nearly 250k views. It's also helped fill some "hours streamed" tallies, so it could've been his plan all along. Snoop's latest outburst comes off the back of several "mad" Madden incidents. This isn't the first time Snoop has rage quit, suggesting he might need some lessons in sportsmanship. In January, he bowed out after just 26 minutes when his opponent scored an impressive comeback.

Snoop has also made his feelings clear about EA's servers and given the publisher a stark warning to fix things or he's getting himself a Soulja Boy Console. Just days ago, a vexed Snoop ranted, "EA, you n****s got 30 minutes to get them servers back on. If y’all don’t, I’m switching to Soulja Boy…  gettin’ me a Soulja Boy console. I know that n***a got some games on that muthaf****r that work. Soulja Boy, hit your uncle up. Draco, you got Madden on your sh*t? ’Cause EA playing games … I done been hit by a thousand n****s … saying they want to play. What the f**k, man? Get it together. Get right, or get left. Soulja Boy, get Madden on your sh*t.”

Well, even if we didn't get to see seven hours of Snoop Dogg playing Madden, at least we got to stare at his gaming compound and wish we were platinum-selling rappers. Oh well, maybe one day? 


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Images via Snoop Dogg Twitch | EA Sports

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