The personal Warzone anti-cheat hardware was banned for a couple of hours before Twitch reversed the ban.

12:38, 24 Feb 2021

Thomas "Tommey" Trewren, in recent times, has transcended from the world of competitive Call of Duty to become Activision's person anti-cheat hardware, ripping through Verdansk and outing any players manipulating hacks and cheats. 

The former professional has a number of major championships to his name including back-to-back gold medals at the CWL Pro Division EU playoffs in Black Ops 3 with Team Millennium, and recently substituted for the Dallas Empire. Now, after signing with 100 Thieves, Tommey has reached new heights in a career of streaming, hitting headlines for multiple Warzone tournament wins and for purging the scene of numerous cheaters.

Having now amounted 254k followers on Twitch, the streaming platform banned Tommey for “releasing non-sensitive personal information on VOD,” to which the Brit took to Twitter to express his frustration. He stated, "Well, this sucks?" shortly after StreamerBans revealed his ban to the public.

Tommey - StreamerBans
Tommey - StreamerBans

According to Tommey, he originally received a very vague explanation of his ban without an incriminating clip or context. For the streamer, "this not only ruins the progress and growth we were making but also stops me from competing in any form of Warzone tournament and also playing with anyone who’s streaming on Twitch".

He sooner added "I’ve been on Twitch for over ten years, it’s been pretty much my life and one of the only things I’ve enjoyed doing since then. Tough spot right but I appreciate the support from you all and I’m sure everything will fall back in place soon".

However, after a couple of hours, Twitch reversed the ban, with them sending an apology to Tommey admitting that he was suspended "due to a mistake on our part".

Twitch's banning process has recently been under immense scrutiny, with FaZe owner Alexander "Adapt" Hamilton Prynkiewicz has been suspended twice this month and Fortnite Pro Cody "Clix" Conrod was slapped with a permaban shortly after a momentous FNCS Win.


Either way, Tommey is now free and can go back to life being Activision's saving grace.



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Image via Activision | MLG 

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